Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grand Theft Omber

As I spend more and more time flying myself around the universe, I am beginning to get a feel for the pilot pecking order. There are the big fish, the pilots who have experience and money and fly battleships and heavy assault cruisers around with their friends, gobbling up anyone silly enough to get in their way. There are the little fish, the pilots with little experience and money who fly frigates and cruisers around and try their best to stay out of the way of the big fishes (like me). Then there are the really little fish, the miners and industrialists who spend most of their time staring at giant space rocks or working at a desk inside a station.

When I first started my foray into space combat, I spent a few weeks wandering around low security space, trying to find some other little fish to provide a fair fight. What I found is that there are no little fish in lowsec that hang out anywhere that isn't a station or a gate. My small ships cannot handle the barrage of gunfire I would take if i were to illegally initiate an attack in such a secure location. So I can not yet handle fighting the big fish and I cannot find any little fish to engage... I guess I have no choice but to pick on the only people beneath even myself.

Last night I set out to roam in some of the high security systems near my home. I jumped into one system that is known to have a lot of industrial activity as well as many asteroid belts. I jumped from belt to belt looking for some inexperienced miners to harass and came upon many. Some of them were storing their ore in unsecured container sitting right out in space, so I stole the ore right out from underneath them and put them into my own unsecured container. This is considered theft and the miners and their corporation have CONCORD's permission to attack me for it, but a large majority of the time they just ignore me or call in a buddy in a battleship. While my main goal is trying to goad some ignorant fool into attacking me or stealing back his ore so that I can legally engage, I found that 75% of the time I come back later in my Iteron hauler, the stolen ore is still sitting there for me to haul and sell. I made about 500,000 isk this way during my encounters. It is a small consolation for the lack of combat I desire but it will have to do.

Later on while monitoring the local system subspace channels, I found several instances of pilots discussing my activities and whereabouts. I had been noticed. Stealing from well intending and usually defenseless miners wasn't how I originally planned on making my name but at least it is a start...

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