Friday, April 25, 2008

Newb on Newb Violence

There are three very distinct levels of security in the solar systems of the Eve universe. I have never been in 0.0 space, but from what I understand it is vast, somewhat empty and combat usually consists of larger scale fleet or gang warfare over territory. I have spent some time in low security space and it usually consists of small gangs or individuals in a variety of different types of ships looking for prey or each other to fight. Then there is high security space where unless you are flagged for some reason (war, kill rights or low security standing) combat consists entirely of trying to trick newbs into flagging themselves attackable in CONCORD's eyes. This third option is what I have been all about the past few days. It is not glorious, it is not usually profitable and in a lot of cases it is not fair but no one ever said life as a capsuleer was.

It all started with a player fresh out of the academy wandering into my home system. He sent a message on the local subspace channels asking for advice for where to mine. I pulled up his information on my ships computers and immediately saw that he had only graduated days ago. I was quite bored having not seen any action in days, so I responded to his question letting him know how to locate the belts in our system. I immediately warped to a nearby belt to begin searching for him... perhaps I could trick him into flagging himself for my entertainment. As soon as I arrived I saw that his ship had already been wrecked by a Serpentis pirate roaming the area. I chuckled to myself and quickly dispatched the aggressive pirate who had wrecked the newbies ship. I then flew to his wreck, looted his worthless modules and dropped them into a cargo container in space. I opened a private channel with the pilot and let him know that I had removed the threat and left his stuff for him in a container. He thanked me and flew in to pick up his stuff. Immediately after looting my container (which means he was now flagged for me to attack) he asked, "Is your corporation going to attack me?" I locked down his ship, dropped into a close orbit and grimly replied "No... but I am." I toggled on my blasters and he lost his second Ibis frigate of the past few minutes. It sure is a good thing the Caldari State provides them for free...


Anonymous said...

Nice blog yourself, too bad you write better than I do. A corporation really might be the way to go. They do not mind new players, realize that you need help and are usually pretty nice to new ppl, if you find one that is NOT that way leave ASAP.

If you are interested in flying around in 0.0... i'll see if I can contact a recruiting officer for my alliance.
TC and keep your head down

Spectre said...

I actually am in a corporation at the moment with some really cool people. The only thing is that not all of them are into the PvP side of things and they also are mostly in a different time zone than me. This is why so much of my time is spent flying solo.