Tuesday, April 29, 2008

R.I.P. Vexor #2

Yesterday, myself and some other members of my corporation spent several hours patrolling and scanning through our usual pocket of low security space. For the most part there was no action except for one instance where we wound up with no kills and some stinging losses. The encounter we managed to find was with a -10 security rating pirate who also had a 5,500,000 isk bounty on his head. I was in my Vexor, attempting to bait another Vexor by sitting in a belt next to some wrecks. However, instead of getting the other Vexor pilot I wound up with a pirate in a Rupture on top of me. I was not initially too worried... even if I was destroyed, my cruiser along with my wing man's Thorax should be more than enough to down even a well fit Rupture. I called for backup as the fight started and my companion jumped into the system and began warping towards me. The Rupture was blasting through my tank fairly quickly with his T2 artillery and his Hobgoblin drones, meanwhile my medium Hammerhead I drones were almost done getting through his shields. My wing man warped in, deployed his drones and then... warped out??? It appears he had accidentally hit the warp button and left the belt. He attempted to warp back in time to catch the pirate before I was completely done in but he was not able to. The pirate in the Rupture finished me off while he was only about halfway through his own armor and then apparently escaped.

While I began warping home to get myself a new ship, my wing man who had been flying the Thorax got a private subspace message from the same pirate who had dispatched me. He was requesting a 1 on 1 fight and the Thorax pilot accepted. Long story short, they had a fair fight and the Rupture won by a significant margin. If only there had not been the accidental warp out in the first encounter... we might have been sharing T2 loot and a 5.5 million isk bounty instead of suffering two destroyed cruisers.

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Anonymous said...

Vexor is a nice ship but the rupture is nothing to toy with..those autocannons on a rupture make even me in my ceptor nervous...hope it goes well in the future.