Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Bad Trend

I took a newly fitted Vexor up to one of my favorite low security systems to look for some action. I found what could only be described as a treasure trove of targets. Within an hour I had warped into belts on top of four different potential targets including a Vexor, an Exequeror, a Celestius and a Cyclone that was being piloted by a pilot with only 10 days experience in the game. Unfortunately for me, the first three cruiser targets all managed to warp away before I could lock them down and I warped away from the fourth target (the Cyclone) in fear before checking his pilot stats. When I attempted to return to the scene of his belt ratting and engage, he had already left.

Extremely annoyed at myself for not being able to take advantage of any of these situations, I warped to a stargate to exit the system. I landed on top of a blinky red Thorax! Surely with the element of surprise I could possibly kill it. I targeted and locked down the Thorax and began my attack. A few moments later I was dead and warping away in my pod while he was not even through his shields yet. I checked the kill mail and realized two things:

(1) That was not a Thorax. It was a Cynabal.

(2) That was no random pilot. It was a pirate with a -10 security rating and nearly 1500 kills named Garmon.

So impatient was I to get some action after letting the past four targets get away that I didn't even take the two seconds to identify my target pilot and his ride and it caused me to basically throw away my ship. That is now three Vexor's down in a mere four days. I don't like this trend of no kills and losing expensive (relatively to me at least) cruisers. I am going to have to learn to stop throwing myself into situations I know are bad just because I am impatient and want some action.

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