Monday, May 26, 2008

Don't Fear The Rifter

...or actually you should. It is by far the most flown frigate and I virtually never see other serious combat pilots flying any other. I can certainly tell why as every time I engage a Rifter with a semi-competent pilot and a remotely adequate setup I get my ass handed to me. Three times over the past few days I have gone to engage a Rifter in 1v1 combat with my Incursus and I have been forced to flee or been destroyed without causing any serious damage.

Currently my Incursus is fit like so:

3x Anode Light Ion Blasters with Faction Antimatter Charges

1x Webber
1x Scrambler
1x Microwarpdrive

1x Micro Auxiliary Power Core
1x 200mm Rolled Tungsten Plate

1x Hobgoblin II

Soon I should be able to begin using Light Ion Blaster II's and I will be equipped as optimally as possible. I suppose I will have to continue working on my gunnery and fitting skills so that I can do more damage and find some way to compete with my opponents.


Anonymous said...

keep posting dude. good read. :)

Spectre said...

Thanks :) Will do.