Friday, May 16, 2008

Taking The Plunge, Fork In The Road, Insert Relevant Cliche Here

I am not sure if it is due to the new recruits my corporation has hired or due to my nagging to corp friends but the past few days I have been able to find gangs to fly with almost every day. While the only thing we have managed to do is lose a Vexor and kill a mining newb in a Probe frigate, it is nice to have backup when I get into fights and greatly expands the targets I can consider engaging. In general, my early career as a combat pilot has progressed well. I am ranked very high on my corporations killboard and while it is silly to measure someones talents and skills by such a marker, it does seem to make some of my corp members take my combat prowess more seriously than they might normally for a new pilot.

Taking The Plunge:

It is only a matter of days before I finally begin moving all of my personal belongings out of high security space and into a station that resides in low security. I am taking the plunge into the life of a complete criminal in New Eden and I will not be welcome by CONCORD any longer. While this will make life a bit harder in terms of buying goods and completing missions for the Federation Navy safely, it will allow me to kill, ransom and pod without any worry about how it effects my security status. Up until this point I have been referring to myself as a combat pilot because I was not very interested in the money or loot involved with the hunt, simply the rush of the combat itself. Soon that will all change. I will be free to act as uncivilized and ruthless as I please and I will no longer be a simple combat pilot. I will be a pirate. I may even purchase and begin wearing an eye patch and wooden leg simply for the menacing effect.

Fork In The Road:

Now that I am able to fly my Incursus and Vexor fairly effectively (although very, very far from optimally) I am trying to decide what direction my future training should take. I have just gained the ability to fly Gallente Battleships but they are way too expensive and skill intensive (not to mention unwieldy) for me to fly anytime soon. With just a few weeks worth of training I could be able to fly Gallente Interceptors such as the Taranis and Ares, although I wonder if I will be as effective solo in a Taranis as I would be in a tech I cruiser such as a Vexor or Thorax. I could spend time and effort training in the use of covert ops frigates and probing and provide a valuable service to my gang as I probe out targets in deep space. The last option I have been considering is just to train skills that will continue to increase my effectiveness in the ships I currently pilot. This would certainly be most cost effective, as my current ships are cheap and the skills I would train to make them more effective would also increase my effectiveness with any future ships. The only mark against this option is that it isn't quite as exciting and will not open doors to me flying anything new.

At this time I am considering going with both this last option and then the Interceptors route, a plethora of training that will take me several months but should culminate in my abilities being significant improved.


Anonymous said...

tks for another account.

in regards to ur training, y dont u just keep on training to be a good rax pilot, these skills are also used to be a decent domi pilot. (killing 2 birds with 1 stone).

Spectre said...

As effective as the Thorax is, everyone and their mothers flys one. I may eventually get into one but it would require me putting some points into medium hybrid guns and probably ECM drones. For now I would rather stick with improving the skills for my Vexor and Incursus (both of which I fit with small blasters and combat drones).