Monday, May 19, 2008

How Not To Pirate

I set out the other day with the goal of getting myself in as much trouble with CONCORD as possible. I wanted them to hate me. I wanted other pilots to see me as a marked blinky red name on their overview. I needed to pod someone.

I flew down my usual route and found a Carcal cruiser on scan in a belt. There were wrecks around him and I knew today would be a busy day for newer pilots ratting in belts (weekends always are). I flew in, locked him down and destroyed him without a fuss. I targeted his pod, fell into a close orbit and opened a subspace channel with my victim.

"5 million isk and you can go. You have 15 seconds to comply."

The pilot did not respond. I guess I would have to pod him! I went to toggle my blasters and engage my drones and... the pilots pod warped away. I had forgotten to turn on my warp scrambler! I sat there stunned at my stupidity and how ridiculous I probably looked. I certainly was not worthy of that blinky red status yet...

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