Wednesday, May 7, 2008

McMermie Down

For this story and its title to make sense, I will need to first provide this key background information:

I name all my ships with the prefix of "Mc". I have had McChicken, McRib, McPlapper, McPleeper, McCargo (my Iteron hauler), McMiner (my short lived Navitas mining frigate), McVexx, McMakkie, McEnyo and several other Mc-names in my short career as a pilot. Of all these ships, my most expensive and most prized is a Myrmidon battlecruiser named "McMermie". I never fly McMermie into combat in low security space or anywhere else where she will be at significant risk. She costs way more than I can afford to replace and she is what I use to generate money. I use her during my day job working for the Gallente Federation Navy doing an assortment of jobs from simple courier assignments to wiping out large mercenary pirate forces. While this may sound dangerous, never is it anywhere near as dangerous or unpredictable as low security space combat with other skilled combat pilots.

With all that in mind, I was going about my business doing some missions for the Fed Navy. I had just completed one and was rewarded for my job by my agent with well over 500,000 isk, a sizable sum for someone of my stature. I accepted a new mission but before heading out to take care of it, I noticed a conversation taking place in the local subspace channels of the system I was currently located in. A few pilots were discussing the missions that they were also assigned and taking on for other corporations in the same system. I began taking part in the discussion as a friendly co-worker would and wound up inviting another pilot to join a fleet with myself so that we could take on some missions together. My intention was NOT to actually honor this agreement to complete missions but to use the coordinates provided by our fleet to warp to the pilot and kill him/her. The pilot took the bait and joined me and I proceeded to fit McMermie with some appropriate modules including a warp scrambler, a webbifier and some expensive Tech 2 Hammerhead drones.

It is important to note that when pilots have officially committed themselves to be members of the same fleet, they can attack each other in high security space with no repercussion. My corporation members and myself use this fact to our advantage so that we can test our ships and setups against each other without CONCORD caring. In this specific situation I was going to take advantage so that I could "gank" an unsuspecting pilot who was also flying a Myrmidon. So I warped directly on top of my target, targeted, warp scrambled, webbed and launched my drones. I let out an internal cackle (not quite as impressive as a real, out-loud cackle) as I had just suckered this poor unsuspecting.... wait... why did my security status just get lowered? Why did a CONCORD ship just warp in and begin attacking me??? Within moments my beloved, expensive, irreplaceable Myrmidon McMermie was blown into a million pieces and my mouth sat agape.

After warping away and returning to my base, I entered in a conversation with the pilot who had just witnessed me causing my own destruction. He/she informed me that they were not a newb nor an idiot and knew the instant I warped in what my intentions were. They had left my fleet before my attack had begun and I had not realized it. When I did engage, CONCORD took notice that I was attacking an innocent pilot that was not in my fleet nor my corporation and demolished me and my expensive ship as punishment. I congratulated the pilot for being smart and perceptive and informed him/her that she should check my wreck for some valuable named railguns and drones and flew off to sulk.

Less than an hour I returned to my base of operations in a brand new Myrmidon named "McMermie II" that was equipped and ready for action. Thankfully I had some isk saved and in combination with the insurance for my lost ship I was able to replace almost all of what I lost, but it was not cheap. The pilot who I had tried to sucker and saw me embarrassingly destroy myself even asked later on if I had managed to acquire a new ship and seemed genuinely pleased to know that I was able to replace it. It is amazing how even after you try to take advantage of someone and destroy their most prized possessions, they can still be polite and concerned about you. Much respect to you Thokullina...

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