Thursday, May 22, 2008


For every good day where your instincts are right on, there will be a bad day where they are totally off. Yesterday I was warping around trying to lock down a Rifter who was roaming the belts. Instead I landed on top of a very experienced pilot in a Drake. I barely managed to get myself out of warp scrambling range and escaped with my ship (but left five Hammerhead II drones behind worth about three million isk). I was very fortunate to have gotten out because this pilot was equipped with a 24km warp disruptor. I waited a few minutes and returned to the belt to try and retrieve my drones, against my gut which said to just leave them behind and take the loss. My ship and its mods were worth two to three times as much as the drones and I was lucky to have escaped with that. Moments after landing back in the belt, the Drake warped back in as well, locked me down and this time finished the job. I had gone against my instincts and lost a perfectly good cruiser for it.

Later on I did some scouting of a local trade route to make sure it was clear for a hauler to move through. In the process, I warped into a high security system without realizing it and lost a fully fit frigate to CONCORD as well. I am not yet used to being forcefully banned from all high security space.

Fortunately I managed to get my supply order filled and now have three cruisers, four frigates and loads of fittings to play with for the next few days. Let's hope I can turn things around and stop getting myself blown up in stupid ways.

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