Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pajama Party

Still feeling good about the success I had with my Incursus the other day, I decided to bring it back out solo once again and continue flying it until I got myself popped. Luckily enough that occurred during the very next encounter I got into. I returned back to the same system I have been prowling for the past few days and found a pilot (the same one I had killed in a Stabber a few days ago) sitting at a belt in his Hurricane battlecruiser. I had never faced one of these, nor did I really think my frigate was going to even stand a chance, but I warped in at 100 km anyhow just to take a look. When I landed, I saw that the Hurricane was in combat with another pilot in a Stabber and was also being attacked by a Cruiser sized rat. I had no idea how the Stabber was faring from this range but with the Hurricane already under barrage by a couple ships, perhaps I could pile on some more damage and bring him to his knees? I toggled my microwarpdrive and flew myself into a close orbit around the Hurricane which had by now dispatched the Stabber. I checked his status and it appears he was still at full shields and armor... I had just engaged a fully operational and healthy battlecruiser in my frigate. He ignored me for a few minutes, probably silently laughing in his cockpit as I slowly beat on his shields with my blasters and drone. Finally he opened up with a barrage of drones, missiles and guns and I didn't even have enough time to align and flee before my Incursus was destroyed.

Dissapointed but not surprised, I returned home to pick up my Vexor. I knew that this pilot would just be sitting in the belt again (he had been for a while) and I was not sure what my chances would be in my Vexor, so I fit a module I have never fit before. I fit a Warp Core Stabilizer to ensure that if things went badly (which they might) I could escape without losing my ship. The module unfortunately also has the downside that it reduces the range I can target from and the amount of time it takes me to target, but against a large and completely stationary target it would not really be much of a penalty.

I returned back to the system and the belt and found the Hurricane pilot again just sitting there, waiting for a fight. I flew into a 12,000km orbit to try and keep out of web range initially and launched my drones. They began to eat into his shields and the Hurricane responded by launching his own assortment of small tech II drones and opening fire with his missiles and guns. I started using my own webbifier to slow his drones so I could attack them with my small guns and i managed to kill one before he got into range of me and webbed my ship. A few moments later and he was nearly halfway through his armor while I was almost out of structure and about to lose my ship. I recalled my drones and aligned to warp and just barely escape with about 15% of my structure remaining. It was a good attempt but I simply did not have the right setup to fight this sort of monster. I hung around the system a little bit longer after repairing and managed to catch a Kestrel frigate in a belt. He attacked me and I responded by easily snaring and destroying his ship. After that the system began to heat up with covert ops frigates, interceptors and battleships snooping around and even probing me at an unmarked spot in space. I decided it was time to leave this system for the night and started to warp away down a stretch of low security space I sometimes prowl.

A few jumps away I found a normally empty system that had a Wolf and a Stabber in a belt. I have had pretty good experiences against Stabber's so far... I have either destroyed them or simply not been able to catch them. I have never run into a Wolf or any sort of Minmatar Assault Frigate so I was not sure what to expect other than the fact that he would be packing a lot of guns. I warped into the belt they were at from a distance and found that they were both 150km on the complete other side of the belt. I greeted them over the local channels and tried to discern what it was they were up to. I could not get very good visuals on such small ships from this distance so I could only assume it was some sort of pajama party. Soon after, the Stabber warped away and the Wolf began slowly creeping in my direction. I did a directional scan behind where I had warped in from and saw the Stabber was out there somewhere, probably trying to warp back in on top of me to lock me down. Rather than allowing this to happen, I decided to try and initiate the fight myself. I warped to the area closest to where I had just scanned the Stabber and landed in an empty belt. A few moments after I arrived, the Wolf warped in only 25km away! I sat still and gave him a moment to decide what he wanted to do. He targeted me and began closing distance so I did the same. The fight did not last long and the Wolf never even got through my shields. Almost immediately after the kill a Rapier covert ops frigate landed as well and attacked me. He webbed me from nearly 30km and I recalled my drones and decided not to fight. Even if I did manage to damage him with my drones from this distance, he could just warp away and I could not stop him and if I stuck around, he might have bigger friends on their way. So I left the belt and the system, upset that I did not get a chance to loot the sweet tech II goodies on the Wolf but happy with the kill.

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