Monday, May 19, 2008

Rax and Ruppy

I have been spending a lot of time roaming in my Vexor. I have yet to have even the slightest of trouble with any frigate as my drones eat them alive but with other cruisers it has been more of a mixed bag. Certain popular cruisers such as the Stabber and Carcal have been little of a challenge. Stabbers at least have speed on their side (if not much tank or firepower) but Carcal's don't seem to have anything much going for them. The couple times I have gotten into combat with one, I have destroyed them quickly without even taking much damage. On the other side of the spectrum is the Thorax and the Rupture. A Gallente cruiser and a Minmatar cruiser that seem to share similar attributes in that they are heavily armor tanked, can carry a full bay of drones and can seriously lay down the pain once they lock you in at close range. I have twice been killed by a Thorax and twice killed by a Rupture in the last few weeks. With my current Vexor setup, my strategy is to get on top of people and lock them down at point blank while my small blasters and drones do their damage. I will have to think twice about using this strategy the next time I run into one of these beastly cruisers because they are usually fit for doing nasty damage at close range. The good news from these losses is that I am learning how to adjust my strategy based upon what my opponent is flying.

In other news, I have left my old corporation and been hired by a new corporation who's sole purpose is the art of pirating in low security space. I have moved all of my belongings into a hangar in lowsec. I look forward to a career where my only purpose is the the vicious and unforgiving hunting of miners, ratters and even other pirates.

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