Friday, May 2, 2008


For the third time in the recent few days, I went and bought and fitted a new Vexor. I found a cheap one a few jumps away and then took it over to the trade hub of Dodixie to get it fit. According to my ships computer, the system was packed with nearly 250 pilots bustling about! It is such an extreme to go from the barren wasteland that is low security space to an empire trade hub such as this just a few jumps away.

I fitted my Vexor a little bit differently than usual, opting for several small close range blasters as opposed to my usual array of vampire energy weapons and railguns. I also opted to fit my drone bays with an assortment of large, medium, small and fast small drones as opposed to my usual assortment of only medium and fast drones. To be more specific, I am now carrying 2 Ogre's, 2 Hammerhead's, 1 Hobgoblin and 5 Warrior's. I used to only carry Hammerhead's and Warrior's. I will have to see if the reduced speed and increased damage of Ogre's has any affect on my damage output.

Later on that night, I took my newly fitted friend out for a spin. We did about 20 jumps through low security space, looking for some fun. After a long trip I returned home without having found anything interesting other than a Revelation Amarr dreadnought floating around in one of the nearby known pirate systems. It is extremely discouraging how lazy all the other pilots in the universe are. In space there is no night and day. There are no business hours and there are no weekends. So why do they all insist on retiring and going to sleep in unison based upon the universal clock? Because of this outdated and obsolete system of time, I am left alone at "night" during my prime operating hours with no one in my corporation to fly with and no one in any other corporation for me to engage.

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