Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Well I asked for some more action and myself and my corporation mates certainly got it. Since my last posting here I have been involved in the destruction of 1 shuttle, 5 frigates, 4 destroyers, 8 cruisers, 1 battlecruiser and 16 pods. At the end of this glorious spree I did again lose a Taranis but this time it was to CONCORD station guns shooting me down even though I had no criminal timer! I have petitioned for them to replace my ship due to the error but I am not holding my breath for reimbursement.

Here are the stories from a couple of these recent kills:

Ratting in Lowsec Never Pays:

I had seen this same pilot ratting in belts several times in the system that we call our home. He flies a Carcal but has always been smart enough to watch local and his scanner. He always seems to just be warping off as I arrive and then he hugs the station watching the scanner to see if we leave. It is very rare to find pilots in low security space who are this smart about ratting because once most pilots get intelligence and experience, they realize that ratting in lowsec is NOT a smart or lucrative way to make money.

So this day he was doing the same thing again. Ratting but being very careful and docking up or hugging the station the instant we started hunting him. Our gang was large and obvious, being made up of two Rifters, a Wolf, a Crow and myself in my Taranis. It didn't appear we would get him using brute force so instead we came up with a trap to lure him into. We had all the ships in the gang jump into the system next door or at least warp off to safe a spot out of scan range of the main cluster of belts. This would make it so that the Carcal pilot would not notice us on scanner and only a couple of us would still be in local. After waiting a few minutes, myself and the Crow jumped back into the system, aligned together towards the main cluster of belts and warped into the first belt on the list. The idea was that we could quickly scan down exactly which belt he was in and then lock him down for the rest of our gang to warp in and finish the kill. Partway through the warp I realized the scanning part wouldn't even be necessary... we were about to land right on top of him! Upon dropping out of warp next to our prey, we turned on our warp disruptor's and held the poor guy still in time for our entire gang to warp in and explode his ship.

As a bonus, another Thorax cruiser that was not involved with either party warped in during the fight and we managed to nab him as well. It's great to see a well executed plan come together.

Yet Another Newb In A Drake:

Over the past week, my corp has several times encountered a pilot who flies an Amarr Crusader interceptor. The Crusader is a fast ship with long range weapons and can be quite deadly. One pilot in my corporation lost a Crow interceptor to this pilot and I myself nearly lost my first Taranis but was saved by a rat's target jammer. Ever since these encounters, I have been avoiding this pilot every time i see him and even letting him know over the local channels that I wanted nothing to do with his interceptor-killing interceptor. During one of these discussions, the pilot inquired as to whether or not we had room in our corporation for his services. Of course we would be interested in a skilled interceptor pilot so we began a short interview with our CEO.

During this interview, I was flying around the belts of my home system trying to track down a Stabber cruiser. In the process of checking a belt for the Stabber, I warped right in on top of a Drake battlecruiser I had not even noticed on scan! I locked him down first with my warp disruptor and then did a quick check on the pilot. He was only a month old... this seemed like it could be a juicy kill but I was quickly reminded of the last time I locked down a new-ish Drake pilot and was punished by losing my first interceptor. Immediately I interrupted the interview that was still going on and asked the Crusader pilot, as well as my corporation to come and assist me in the belt. After a minute we had a gang of myself in a Taranis, a Crusader and a Carcal all pounding on the Drake.

My ship was beaten into structure and I was out of capacitor energy to run my microwarpdrive, so I warped off to a safe spot and contemplated what to do. How could we finish this guy off? I could not currently dock up in my Taranis to get a cruiser or else I would be shot by the gate guns. My CEO, listening in on the action, suggested that I eject from my ship, leave it out in space and return to the station in my pod. It sounded crazy but I gave it a shot. I docked up in my pod, grabbed a Vexor, returned to the scene of the fight and proceeded to finish off the Drake's armor and structure. We finished the kill and grabbed the loot just in time to flee from a curious Dominix battleship that warped into the belt.

We returned to the interview and I immediately gave the Crusader pilot my vote. He had done a great job keeping the Drake safely locked down while we figured out how to kill it. It isn't often you get to see a hands on job application.


Violet Lady said...

Hi Spectre, I really like this blog! The layout is clean and readable, and your post are interesting 'cause you give plenty of insight on piloting and playing the game in general.

I'm looking forward to your next posts :)

Spectre said...

Thanks... I'm glad you are enjoying it! :)

Violet Lady said...

I find quite strange you receive such few comments on your posts: they're far richer (content-wise) than most "popular" blogs about eve... ok I'm stopping here I don't want to start a war between bloggers :)

Fly safe and shoot hard,


Spectre said...

Well, I tend to write a more matter-of-fact or short-story-ish type of blog. This doesn't really lend itself to comments as much as some other types of blogs that discuss the specific ins and outs of the game. That being said, feel free to make up for the lack of comments if it really bothers you... I always enjoy the input. Thanks!