Thursday, June 12, 2008


Every pilot deserves a nice break after a hard day of combat. So after a nice stretch of killing a Bantam, a Tristan, a Thrasher, two Rifters and two Carcals (and barely missing encounters with several other ships) I launched myself off to a safe spot in the middle of space and took a few minutes to relax. My stomach growled at me and I realized that the Baja Fresh burrito I had eaten at the station food court earlier in the day was not sitting too well. I grabbed the latest issue of Consumer Reports and took care of business in my Incursus's luxurious washroom. When I was all done reading about the most fuel effecient 2008 frigate models, I gave a stretch and slowly made my way back into the cockpit. Just as I looked out the glass into the vast stretch of emptiness, a ship warped in right in front of my eyes! I must have been scanned down! I jumped into the pilots seat and jammed in a course for anywhere-but-here and quickly warped away before the Huginn who had scanned down my safe spot could make a move. Damn you Minmitar recon ships.

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