Monday, June 2, 2008


This weekend was probably the worst stretch of failure I have experienced since I graduated from the academy. Six lost ships including three Incursus's, two Vexor's and an Ishkur assault frigate, all fully loaded with modules and drones and ammo. All I have to show for these losses is a single Thorax kill. To make these losses sting even worse, I was podded two different times after two of these encounters. I have become extremely frustrated with the unresponsiveness and lag of my pod controls once my ship is destroyed. I certainly need to come up with some method of ensuring that I can escape with my pod intact if I get destroyed. The estimated value of these ships and their modules and the lost implants is well over 50 million isk. I am not quite poor but it is still a tough pill to swallow.

At least one positive thing to report,, a well known and respected pirate publication has published one of my stories! This is only the beginning... it is obvious that at this rate I will soon be rich and famous.


Anonymous said...

Spectre sorry for the losses bro, for podding what I do is this. I set the overview to open a new tab and it shows planets and stations only. I call it the pod tab. Once I am in structure i switch to that tab and start massing the warp to button

Spectre said...

Yea I have started doing something like this. Selecting a warpable object like a gate on my overview and spamming the warp button. Before I was trying to right click the screen and select an object via the popup menu which is tough to pull off while the ship destruction session change is going on. This method of fleeing caused me several unnecessary poddings.