Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Over the past several days since rejoining PC, I have accumulated a number of kills in my Incursus and Vexor and I have lost only one frigate to gate guns due to my own stupidity. Finding lots of action and accumulating kills without losing my own ships is quite optimal in my current situation, as I am beginning to run out of money. I have virtually no income outside of my victims loot, which has not been that stellar. Knowing that I want to be able to afford to buy a couple of interceptors at the end of this week, I spent almost all my current savings to buy a new Myrmidon, my fourth (of the previous three, two were lost and one was sold). I bought some mediocre T1 fittings, had a friend haul it to lowsec for me, fit it with SIX warp stabilizer modules and began a 25 jump journey to a system that housed Gallente Federation Navy agents. Hopefully I could use this ship and the agents in order to provide an income for myself so that I would be able to afford fun little tech II ships and high grade modules to equip them.

A few jumps into the trip, I ran into a gate camp of a battleship and a couple other smaller ships. I calmly ignored their attempts to scramble me as I had equipped my ship to be able to run through blockades such as this. Several more jumps beyond that, I was almost to my destination and again, ran into a couple ships apparently camping a gate. This time it was two Huginn's, which are Minmatar Force Recon ships, just like the Rapier that I absolutely despise. I ignored their attempts to lock and scramble and ordered my ship to align and warp to the next gate. My ship hit the appropriate speed and was almost warping when one of the Huginn's bumped me! My ship was knocked out of alignment and the opposing pilot continued to bump me over and over to prevent my ship from being able to warp. Slowly I watched my shields, armor and structure deplete as they both unleashed their drones and guns. I watched in disbelief as my brand new Myrmidon exploded. It had carried nothing much of value, but the ship and modules had cost me about 35 million ISK. I had not even insured it properly yet!

Inside I felt a fury that only a Minmatar Force Recon ship can cause. How have the Minmatar not yet taken over the universe when they seem to be able to smother all other ships so effectively? It is like trying to fight a cheetah while I have one arm tied behind my back, I am half buried in quicksand and I have a burlap sack on my head. Of course the cheetah would have giant guns and combat drones. Perhaps this isn't the greatest analogy but I can say that Minmatar technology certainly scares the crap out of me and this is the third instance in the recent weeks where their Force Recon ships have cost me a LOT of money and caused me a LOT of frustration.


Robert said...

I love reading your blog posts, so keep them up :)

Spectre said...

I'm glad you enjoy them. I will make sure to continue getting myself killed in awful ways so that you can be entertained.

Anonymous said...

Damn, i really should remember my passwords.

anyway, unlucky on your loss. At least you have learnt this lesson, just because you fit stabs does not mean your safe.

remember that tactic as its a good one.


Spectre said...

Well I was extremely angry at first but it is stuff like this that actually makes Eve the game that it is. Even when you plan things out as safely and perfectly as possible, you are never, ever safe. Knowing that almost everywhere you go and everything you do is risky is what makes all the successful fights/missions/whatevers feel like an achievement.