Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Lesson

Some advice to you kids out there: Don't try to be someone you are not. I thought that moving up to 0.0 and joining a new corp would be a fun adventure but within only a few days I realized how wrong I was. As a pirate in lowsec I was able to live and breath as a solo pilot or in a small gang. The pirate corp I was in was loose and fun and full of good people. 0.0 is way more dangerous. You cannot move an inch by yourself or without a scout and I learned this lesson when I jumped my Myrmidon into a gatecamp while trying to rat. I lost about 40-50 million isk and had only made about 5 million isk in the ratting so far. So now I was stuck without a ship, without a way to haul a new battlecruiser out of high security space and frustrated by my inability to live solo. This wasn't me. I had been perfectly happy in my prior life just a week ago, so why had I gone and moved into a situation way beyond my ability? After being berated by my current CEO for having gotten myself killed (and several other things as well) I realized what I needed to do. I contacted the CEO of my previous corporation, told him I was an idiot and I wanted to come back and he accepted me back into the fold.

So I rejoined the Python Cartel just in time to join them in a new area of Caldari space that they had moved to. I made many jumps to move all of my stuff into the new area and fit myself a new Incursus and a new Vexor. I hopped in my Incursus and went out to hunt, finally feeling in my element again. A few jumps away from our new home system, I found a newer pilot who was ratting in a belt in a Carcal cruiser. The Carcal has a respectible tank but I have never, ever died to one and this was an inexperienced pilot, so I figured I would go for it. I warped in on him, opened fire and managed to bring him low into his shields before I was in structure and had to flee. I called to my corporation and asked for some help and two of my mates in a Merlin frigate and a Taranis interceptor showed up a few minutes later. I repaired my damage and flew in to tackle the Carcal again. He brought me into structure faster this time but my backup had arrived, so I flew out of the belt in order to make him lose his lock and then warped back in again just in time to fire a couple more volleys. The Carcal was destroyed and the pilot was VERY unhappy. My first kill in several days and it was a fun one. It is good to be home.

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