Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am not sure if it is the war that has broken out around the region but the number of juicy targets in and around our hunting systems has continued to get better and better. In the past couple of days I have been part of gangs that took down several smaller cruisers, a rigged Crow interceptor, a Ferox, a tech II fitted Hurricane and a Muninn heavy assault cruiser. I have also found some interesting targets while solo including a Hulk mining barge being attacked by a Claw interceptor. I jumped in on that fight and ganked the Claw but unfortunately let the Hulk slip away. Three of the gang kills have paid ransom for their pods for an amount totalling 50 million ISK. Even though these ransoms have been split four or five ways between the gang, this plus the loot from the wrecks has proven to be very lucrative. The money part is important because I am already on my fourth Taranis, having lost the third to a quick Thorax pilot yesterday (but he too went down in the end). Losing three interceptors in only my first week as a Taranis pilot might sound rough but I don't feel so bad when I look at the killboard and see that I have been part of 62 kills with the ship already (38 if you don't count pods).

The Muninn is the first heavy assault cruiser I have been part of killing. I tend to avoid them as they are some of the nastiest combat ships in the universe versus smaller ships like I fly. Every time I see an Ishtar or Vagabond on scan I run away screaming like a little girl. So when our CEO, flying a Stabber, decided that we should engage a Muninn pilot in the system, I had my doubts. I am already scared of the tech I version of the Muninn, the Rupture, so I could only imagine the pain that a tech II version of the ship could put out. I was flying my Taranis and we had two ECM boats in our gang as well, a Blackbird and a Kitsune.

My CEO in the Stabber played cat and mouse for a few minutes with the Muninn pilot before finally landing on him and locking him down. In the few moments it took for our ECM pilots to warp to the combat zone, his Stabber was already in low armor and he had no choice but to back off until the Muninn was jammed. The Kitsune and Blackbird did their thing and jammed him and I warped in as well and began pouring on the damage at close range. I was looking around everywhere, waiting for the five light drones that he could carry to appear and begin to pulverize me but they never showed up! A pilot with the experience and money to be flying a heavy assault cruiser and he didn't even bother putting drones in his bay? With his targetting computers permanently jammed and no drones, he could do nothing but sit and watch as we destroyed his expensive ship. It just goes to show that a ships setup and the pilot behind its controls are just as important as the ship itself.

UPDATE: Just an updated note. I checked the kill information on the Muninn pilot and he DID have Warrior II drones in his drone bay. Why he did not launch them when we had so many small and fragile ships that they could have harassed, I do not know.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done indeed! Apologies on the lack of comments lately but I have been reading through so many blogs. Sounds like your little gang had a phenomenal time!

27 days till rapier :)

Mynxee said...

Just discovered your blog--lots of catching up to do! I just got one of these tough little ships and love it. But oh dear, what WAS that Muninn pilot thinking not using his drones!? Nice work on this particular kill--jammers in a gang are 4TW when they're on your side!

Anonymous said...

he probably didnt drop them becuase he knew they were not going to aggro you and be permanantly jammed. maybe hopeing to get a jam off then deploying them. if he were to deploy them he'd know that'd be the first thing you would hit. so it makes perfect sence why he kept them in against two E-War Pilots