Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Just the other night I was flying in a small gang. I took my Vexor to a nearby planet to keep watch on the scanner and find targets for us to attack. I had one other pilot in my gang flying a Myrmidon and knew of two other friendly pilots in the system currently flying battleships, so our firepower was not lacking. After a few minutes of keeping watch and scanning, suddenly a pilot in a Minmitar Rapier uncloaks and locks me! "No problem" I thought to myself, this is just a covert ops frigate that I can easily scare away. Little did I realize that my knowledge of Minmatar ships is very lacking... a Rapier is a cruiser class recon ship, not a covert ops frigate. I must have been thinking of the Cheetah!

The Rapier locked me down at 22km with what must have been dual webifier modules (because even with my MWD on I could only move at about 50m/s). He sent in several drones and began poking me with his long range guns. Since I stupidly thought he was a frigate, I sent in my Warrior II drones which were doing absolutely pitiful damage to his shields. Once I realized my mistake I recalled the Warrior's and sent out the Hammerhead II's instead but at this point I was way, way behind on the DPS race and was most certainly going to lose. I had called to my gang mates and the other friendlies in the system to come help me but they were currently docked up and unable to get to me in time. My ship was destroyed and I was podded and I barely even put up a fight. To be fair, my opponent was more experienced and it appears he flies a very well equipped and rigged ship but at the same time I was extremely humiliated and frustrated at this loss. I put up almost no fight, none of my gang were able to get to me in time to help and I even let myself get podded. Sitting completely immobile and helpless while someone slowly kills you is an awful way to die.

Just last night I was in the same system again, this time flying an Incursus with brand new shiny Light Ion II's equipped. I stopped at the same planet as last time to scan around and once again the same pilot in his Rapier uncloaks and begins to lock me. I managed to align and warp away just in time before being warp scrambled and frustratingly let a number of expletives and insults fly in the local system channels. I'm not usually one to lose my cool and act in such an immature fashion but this pilot and his ship really ticked me off. The ability to cloak paired with the ability to web from 30km away is a very scary thing to face. I hope I never run into one of those blasted ships again.


Anonymous said...

Sitting completely immobile and helpless while someone slowly kills you is an awful way to die.

I have read your blog but find your callousness disturbing... you obviously realise what you did to all the newbs you killed and podded in May and yet you continue to do it ... for what? The kicks?

Spectre said...

Are you perhaps one of those newbs that I killed and podded? I wish I could say I was sorry and I felt bad but... I don't. If you want your revenge, please feel free to come and get it anytime you would like. :)