Friday, June 6, 2008

Starting Anew

A few days ago I joined a new corporation. I am not usually the type of person to go jumping around from organization to organization every few weeks but a new friend of mine invited me to take part in a new corp that was forming and planning on moving out to null security space (usually referred to as "0.0" due to it being outside of empire space and the lowest security level possible). Some of you may remember the character "Fox" from one of my previous stories and it is he who offered me this opportunity.

So today I sold all of my ships, packed up all of my modules/drones/ammo/skillbooks, gave a tearful goodbye to Egghelende and Amamake and headed off to relocate to where my new corporation was located. My first task was to locate and purchase and move a new Myrmidon battlecruiser to where I could use it to try my hand at ratting for the first time. With the help of my corp I was able to purchase and fit one even though my security status is too low for me to enter empire space in anything but my pod (or else CONCORD will attack me). I took my new Myrmidon to the very edge of null security space and waited for the rest of the gang to arrive so that we could scout ahead and move into 0.0. I waited a while. It appears that some of the members of my corporation are even newer to this than myself and did not understand how we were going about things. After a long wait (and watching a Goonswarm gang of more than 25 ships pass by) one of my corporation mates in a Taranis interceptor scouted the way into 0.0 for me and I warped out of empire space for the first time in my career.

So the long journey begins. I am going to be fighting (and destroying) ships owned by the Angel Cartel pirate gang for a while until my security rating is restored and until CONCORD will no longer attack me for entering the empire. I don't actually mind the boring grind as it is a good break from the constant risk and danger of pirating (although it is far from being completely safe) not to mention it should pad my wallet pretty significantly. By the time I am done with this task, I should have completed training for Interceptors and will be able to fly a shiny new Taranis equipped with tech II modules. Neat.

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