Sunday, June 15, 2008


A couple days ago I earned the right to start flying Gallente interceptors. There are two ships in this category, the Ares and the Taranis. The Ares is a quick and nimble interceptor that is ideal for gangs and locking targets down for the rest of your group to deal with but the real reason I have been working towards this ship class is for the Taranis. Compared to most interceptors, the Taranis is slow as hell but it makes up for it with the fact that it can unleash a fantastic amount of firepower. Rather than comparing it to other interceptors, I have been planning towards this ship the mindset that it is an upgrade to my Incursus. It is a very comparable ship except for the fact that it deals 25% more blaster damage, can carry one extra drone, is twice as fast, can tank a little bit more damage, gets a bonus to signature radius and propulsion jamming capacitor costs, etc etc etc... Virtually the only disadvantage from my Incursus is that this ship costs about 10 times as much to purchase and fit.

So I had a corporation member pick me up a Taranis and the fittings for it from Jita during a trip. The ship arrived and I arranged a pretty standard blaster fit I have seen many other pilots use:

3x Light Ion Blaster II's w/ Faction Antimatter

1x 1MN Microwarpdrive II
1x X5 Prototype Engine Enervator
1x J5 Prototype Warp Inhibitor

1x Damage Control II
1x Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
1x Overdrive Injector System II

2x Hobgoblin II

In my first couple of days I have destroyed 8 ships, podded 4 pilots and lost 1 Taranis. Unfortunately I have not really had a kill yet in any situation where my Incursus would not have done just as well but good targets have been scarce. The one loss occurred when I found a very inexperienced pilot in a Drake ratting. I attempted to destroy him solo and got him about halfway through his shields before having to back off and orbit at range with my microwarpdrive running. I held him in place for at least five minutes while trying to find someone from my corporation to bring in more firepower. A simple tech I cruiser would have been enough but unfortunately no one was available. Starting to get desperate, I opened a channel with the pilot and let him know that I had a gang about to warp in and only 20 million isk would save his ship. It was a downright lie and he did not even respond to my request. A few moments later, a pilot in an Ishtar jumped in and landed right on top of me. I attempted to microwarpdrive away but he webbed me down and destroyed my already battered ship.

A lackluster start to my career as an interceptor pilot but it certainly hasn't been the ships fault. Hopefully some more appropriate targets will start popping up so I can really test what she can do.


Jarek said...

I'd prefer to go with Neutrons and Damage Control II + 200mm rolled tungsten + MAPC.
Even though slower, gives you lots of survivability for going in close for blaster luvin'.

Spectre said...

That is probably a pretty good idea for flying solo. I can think of instances where I ALMOST was able to break through and take on battlecruisers solo but had to back off due to just barely not having enough firepower or tank to pull it off. If I had a plate/neutrons I probably would have been able to do it.

The thing I like about my current fitting is just the flexibility. A little bit of firepower, a little bit of tank and a little bit of speed allows me to tackle, DPS and still have enough tank/velocity to escape if things don't go well.

P.S. The fitting I detailed in this post has actually been updated a bit. I fit a 24km Warp Disruptor II now because my fitting skills have improved.

Jarek said...

The good thing about the previously mentioned setup that you can engage more dangerous targets more easily. I had solo AF/cruiser/BC kill(s) with it.
Well tbh BC has to be noob to kill it with blasteranis, however with cruisers you have decent chances if he's not very skilled (but doesn't have to be a noob). On the other hand you can pwn most AFs.
Also you'll eat any other close-range inty for breakfast(including any other unplated blasteranis), and long range ones are doable most of the time with tactics and overloading.

Spectre said...

I did a little EFT whoring just now to see what kind of 200mm Tungsten/DC/MAPC setup I could come up with. Even with Elec V/Eng V/Weapon Upgrades IV I had to change a few things to be named as opposed to T2 in order to get it all to fit. The difference looks like I would get at least an extra 1000 effective HP thanks to the plate but will lose about 20 DPS (no magstab) and 1100m/s with the MWD on.

Is it worth the tradeoff? Guess it depends on your preference :) I might try it out on my next Taranis and see how it goes.