Thursday, June 26, 2008

True Love

Tomorrow marks the two week anniversary of the day that I stepped into a Taranis. In those two weeks, I have amassed eighty-eight kills with the ship, including pods. It is already the number one ship on my list as far as kills and I have only lost three of them so far in combat situations. I have been able to successfully take on frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battlecruisers, interceptors, assault frigates, stealth bombers, heavy assault cruisers and exhumers. Just yesterday, I tangled with a well equipped Claw interceptor and came out on top. In his loot was a piece of faction loot worth 20 to 30 million ISK. So while my fitted interceptors are expensive at over 15 million ISK per ship, I have had no problem breaking even or even making money because of the fact that the kill ratio is so good. Cruisers might be more insurable but they never last very long when roaming solo. Flying even a slow interceptor like the Taranis still keeps me from ever getting caught at gate camps and gives me the ability to dictate what and when to engage and disengage.

Instead of training up to fly any other type of ships, I have decided to continue training the gunnery and navigation skills that will make my Taranis (and other interceptors) more effective. In addition to this, I am going to begin learning how to pilot Amarr ships so that I can eventually step into a Crusader interceptor. The Crusader is faster and its fighting style a bit more subdued as it fires its deadly lasers from outside of web range. It will be a good compliment to the close range Taranis. My only real complaint about the Taranis is that when flying in gangs, it will wind up being useless in a portion of the encounters. In a gang, we will attack larger targets that my interceptor cannot tangle with at close range and I will be forced to simply orbit at far with my scram on and my drones attacking while my blasters remain cold and lifeless. The Crusader should fit this role much better. Think of the Taranis as my wife and the Crusader as my girlfriend on the side.


Ombey said...

Interesting post :) Although I am technically able to, I have never flown a 'ranis. I stick mainly to Stilettos and (sometimes) Claws as I have the T2 weaponry in projectiles.

It won't take me long to skill to T2 small hybrids, so I might give it a go :)

CrazyKinux said...

88 kills in 2 weeks - reminder to self, never cross path with this murdering lunatic!!

Kidding aside, congrats on the achievement!

Spectre said...

Ombey: Definitely skill up small blasters and give it a shot. It is incredibly fun (and cool looking) although I hear the Claw is a very similar type of ship.

Kinux: Technically TODAY is the two week date and I'm up to 91 kills now :)