Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back To My Roots

I gritted my teeth as my Taranis narrowly avoided hitting a giant Veldspar rock. It was almost impossible to keep a proper orbit around the Caracal I was engaged with and as a result my railguns were doing almost no damage. His missiles continued to explode nearby my ship, causing more and more damage but i refused to let this one go. I had killed many Caracals easily in my Taranis before... there was nothing I needed to worry about and there was no way I was going to let him get away.

[08:12:51] Incursus Guy > you would have killed him by now if you had blasters fit

Some random pilot in an Incursus was watching the fight from the edges of the asteroid belt and had decided to weigh in on things. Screw you Incursus guy, I know what I am doing. A giant chunk of my wing was severed by shrapnel as another missile hit very close to my ship. I could only take a couple more blows before I was done for but this was only a Caracal. I just needed to get into the right orbit and I would be fine. No need to panic. No need to flee.

As I warped away in my pod, I wondered what in the hell was wrong with me. I could have warped away at any time. As I watched my ship slowly disintegrate and saw that I would not have time to kill my target first, I could have done the smart thing and just left the battlefield. Why didn't I? Why is it so hard for me to let things go? I have lost ten ships now in the past week and most of them were due to this same sort of situation. My overconfidence and lack of discretion have become out of hand. I never used to be this stupid about the targets I engaged. I always used to be smart about flying away when things weren't going my way. I need to retrain myself in the art of choosing my targets and not losing my beautiful (and expensive) ships.

As I stood in my hangar back in the station, I looked at what I had left. A Thorax, Crusader and Ishkur. No... I don't deserve any of these. I need to rediscover what I had when I first started pirating and my ships would last me more than a day. Back when I actually made a profit at what I did. I went into the long term storage section of my hangar and hit the lights. They flickered on and before me sat several frigates under large tarps. I called down the hangar tech and told him to get all these ships cleaned up and ready for flight. I slipped a ten ISK note into his front pocket and give him a little wink to indicate I was serious about my request. He rolled his eyes and lumbered away. It is so hard to find good help these days.

Soon, I sat in front of a freshly cleaned and equipped Incursus, Rifter and Punisher. I pondered what to start with and chose the Rifter. While my knowledge of Minmitar frigates is lacking and my skill with operation autocannons is terrible, it could still serve me well. Hell, it would be something new and different to start out with. I jumped back down out of the cockpit I had been gently caressing my ship from (what can I say, I love my spaceships) and found the hangar tech again. He was munching on something that looked like a peanut butter and turkey sandwich. I let him know that I wanted flames painted on the Rifter and some sort of neon skeleton decal applied to my Incursus. I have to intimidate after all. I slipped another 10 ISK into his pocket and he looked dumbly at me again. I sighed and jumped into the Rifter for its maiden voyage.

A few hours later, our first target! An Amarr Prophecy battlecruiser was on scan and being piloted by an extremely inexperienced pilot. We locked him down and engaged in our smaller ships... My Rifter, Golden Helmet's Ishkur and Johan's Catalyst. I targetted and destroyed his drones and got under the range his guns could track me. I was eating through his armor and he couldn't touch me! "A battlecruiser kill while I was flying a tier 1 frigate? This is going to be epic", I thought to myself as one of the anti-pirates in the system uncloaked in a Huginn about 60km away. My heart sank. Minmitar recons, I cannot express the depths to which my hate for you festers. My first instinct was to just stick around and do as much damage to my target as I could before going down but then I remembered what this whole exercise was about. I needed to learn discretion and when to let go, no matter how much it hurts. I turned away from the Prophecy and engaged my warp drives just as the Huginn targeted me. Sadly, I warped away from the juicy kill and my certain death and listened to the fleet channel as Golden Helmet sacrificed himself to try and finish our target off. He didn't manage to... but at least I was still alive.


Mynxee said...

How well I know that feeling....*almost there...can't quite quit...I can do this! I'm gonna win!!! ... Uh oh...shit!" (followed by heavy spamming of the Warp button)

Man, I love my Rifters. I'm attending the Agony Unleased PVP Basics course this weekend and taking 5 of them with me...I'm fitting them a little differently than I would for solo PvP but looking forward to see how they do in a frig gang.

Spectre said...

Yea most people love their Rifters which is why I've actually tried to stay away. It might be the best combat frig but everyone and their moms flies one so I didn't want to sell out :P

Good luck with the class and let me know how it is. I have been thinking about giving it a shot as well.