Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Ships!

I looked out the glass of my Taranis at the weird, elongated guns on the sides of my ship. I was not at all used to flying with rails, but after my recent luck I had decided to fly a slightly safer version of the Taranis that allowed me to attack safely from afar. The setup had proven itself pretty well so far as I had easily defeated a Malediction in an interceptor duel (although he managed to flee with his ship nearly destroyed). I checked the scanner again.... and again... and again... still nothing of significance. I threw a Toaster Strudel into the toaster, put my feet up on the dash and began reading a book about energy weapon operation. I was part way through my snack and a chapter entitled "Dual Pulse Lasers And You!" when a call came in over the comms.

Golden Helmet was asking if I wanted to join in on what he called a "bizzaro" operation. What made it so bizarro? Everyone was piloting big ships! Several battleships, a couple battlecruisers and a couple cruisers. I dropped my lame book, scarfed down the last of my strudel and set a course for home. Soon after, I was undocking in Stonesmasher the Brutix, the biggest ship I owned. This was the second iteration of the ship as the first had met it's demise without ever having seen a good fight. I made several jumps to meet up with my gang and finally I arrived. We were made up of a Raven, Abaddon, Rokh, Scorpion, Thorax, Vexor, Nemesis and two Brutixes.

The entire gang was at the gate, ready to jump into the system where our potential targets were. Golden Helmet, as our fleet commander (I've always wanted to say that) ordered the "smaller" ships to jump into the system and fly to a belt. All the cruisers and battlecruisers including myself did so. We deployed our drones to try and trick anyone scanning into thinking that we were in combat with each other. We saw many targets on scan but after several minutes, none came to the belt to engage us. I warped away to check out where the ships on my scanner were and found them sitting outside a nearby station... just in time to watch them all warp away to the belt I had just came from! The signal was given for all ships to jump in and warp to the belt and I turned around and warped back in myself. I arrived in time to see a huge melee in progress. Our ships as well as a Myrmidon, Tempest, Hurricane, Zealot and two Rapiers were in combat. GH called out targets to us and we quickly took down a Thorax, Tempest and then the Myrmidon while they did the same and we lost a Raven, Brutix and Vexor. When the dust had settled, we were left standing on the center of the battlefield as the rest of their ships had either fled to the edges where we couldn't catch them or had departed altogether.

We quickly aligned and went to safe spots in space ourselves before any other ships could arrive and re-engage us in our weakened state. We had come slightly ahead ISK-wise during the battle and we were the ones left standing in the belt, so I suppose that meant we had "won"? Happy with the fact that my ship had finally seen real action and even survived it, I patted Stonesmasher's console. "Good ship!" I said as I got up and went to the mini-fridge. This calls for a Toaster Strudel! I put it into the toaster just as another message was relayed over fleet comms: The belt we had just come from was showing several more potential targets! An Armageddon, Megathron and several other ships. After some debate, the order was given to warp to the belt and engage the Armageddon. I jumped back into my seat, punched my Brutix into warp and landed on top of yet another crazy scene a few moments later. I turned on my microwarpdrive, launched my drones and made a bee-line for the 'Geddon. As I approached, he targeted ME and began blasting right through my shields and armor! What a jerk! I toggled my own blasters and turned on my defensive modules (this was a defensively fit, armor tanking setup) and watched the fight unfold.

The battleship we were attacking was getting low into his armor but not quite fast enough. Our own ships were dropping quickly and while my own tank was holding up very admirably to the onslaught of an Armageddon, it was slowly giving in. I watched Golden Helmet's glorious Abaddon shudder and explode into a massive ball of fire. I watched Inertial's lame Armageddon crack and split into enormous pieces as it gave in to enemy fire. I saw Obanin's Rokh implode as it was riddled with missiles and projectiles and lasers. Finally, I heard a loud creak and then a crash somewhere in the depths of my own ship. A burning smell filled my nostrils... was it the ship or my now burned strudel? Stonesmasher popped and I warped my pod away to safety.

We had taken heavy losses and lost the fight but I can't say I was upset. It was something fun and different. Also, after insurance kicks in, the Brutix really was not that expensive to lose! Just don't tell my insurance agent...

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Anonymous said...

Woo brutix for the win baby! Sounds like a nice fight indeed. Brutix is a fine ship one which I will be piloting in the future ( once my money situation levels itself out)

Good article.