Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blog Pack

Ok I don't usually post out of character here (whatever the hell that means) but I wanted to share some info about an Eve oriented blog pack that CrazyKinux has been kind enough to create and let me be part of. Here is the list:
Additionally, here is the pipe that well let you subscribe to this entire pack with your RSS reader in one fell swoop: Blog Pack

I have been getting a lot more traffic and lots of good comments since I was added to this pack so thanks CrazyKinux and everyone else who has linked to me. I will seriously consider not attacking you if I see you in game (but I still will in the end... no hard feelings?)


CrazyKinux said...

Just keep up the interesting posts mate!

As for blowing my ship in-game, I wouldn't expect nothing less from you, though you better make it interesting!


Bri said...

I blow up everyone that isn't blue in game... Unless they're really, really good friends with prior arrangements!

Nik_Fiiur said...

thank you for the rss feed link and keep up the nice stories :)