Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Epic Journey (Part II)

A New Hope

I woke up at the station in Hevrice, reinvigorated and ready to make my mark. I paid for my room, grabbed some Quafe brand coffee drink (made with 5% real coffee) and headed for the hangar. I stepped into my Taranis and flew out into the bleak wilderness of space. I checked my planned route and set my next waypoint for the harsh and violent system of Amamake, one of my old haunts. It was at least a dozen jumps and on the way I found almost nothing of significance. Disappointing but not surprising...

Finally I arrived at my destination and found exactly what I was hoping for! A system chock full of at least thirty pilots! I warped to one of my favorite old scan spots and began my search. Rifters, Thrashers, Stabbers, Vagabonds... Minmitar war vessels of all types! I found one belt that seemed to contain a single Rifter frigate and warped in to greet him with my interceptor. A few moments later I was leaving the belt with his loot and a nice little pod kill. Nothing spectacular but enough to warm myself up for the action ahead.

Feeling a bit out of my league with the rest of the battleships and heavy assault cruisers on scan, I began attempting to contact several of my old friends and corp mates that still called this area home. Most were unavailable except for a Vexor pilot named Kachak. Kachak and I had a couple run-in's previously when I was still in the area. He was the Vexor pilot that was part of my dual Stabber kill many months ago and was also the first person I ever dueled in a one versus one.

So Kachak hopped in his Vexor and we began roaming the area. Our first stop was Egghelende where we spent a good part of an hour trying to lock down and engage a Drake. I nearly had him a few times but alas he managed to escape. Tired of this tomfoolery, we moved on up a few systems closer to Eifer. On the way, I found an Arazu recon cruiser on scan, seemingly towards a warpable object. Knowing that the worst an Arazu can do is sensor damp and scram me, I warped in to engage. I landed, toggled my microwarpdrive to close distance and cackled an evil pirate cackle as I began to draw near. Then I heard that sound. The sound of an uncloaking ship. I looked straight up from my cockpit and immediately recognized the hull of my most feared opponent, a Rapier. I made a full abort and attempted to flee the scene but was webbed down and my Taranis was torn to shreds. I warped my pod away and docked up, ashamed and inconsolable.

So this was how my journey was to end? I started out with such great hopes and expectations and what did I manage? To kill two newbs and die to yet ANOTHER Minmitar recon ship? I looked down at my soiled pants which were still wet with urine from the moment that the Rapier uncloaked and I realized I had never felt this low.

That's What Friends Are For

I didn't want to make forty jumps home in my pod. My quest was only half complete. I had to figure something out. I purchased new pants in the station and began contacting my local friends again. Immediately, a member of my old corporation offered to fit and fly a new Vexor into low security space for me. Rutger Centemus gathered the ship and all the proper components from his own hangar and met me at another station in Egghelende to make the exchange. I paid him and thanked him vigorously for his good deed. My journey could continue!

I met up with Kachak again and this time he had brought along a friend in a Rupture. We were flying three plated cruisers. Our gang was a bit of a one trick pony but we could certainly deal and absorb some damage if we found the right fight. We headed up towards Eifer again... I knew that this time we would reach our goal. It was my destiny! We neared the Hadozeko gate and scanned to see if anyone was in the vicinity and there was. At least thirty ships including interceptors, cruisers, battlecruisers, battleships, recons and more were sitting on the gate in a camp. I sighed to myself again. Another roadblock. Instead of risking ourselves in our slow cruisers, we turned and went back down the path of systems we came to find action elsewhere.

Finally after all our mis-steps, we located a Rupture cruiser sitting in a belt. Bait perhaps, but we had three well fit cruisers ready to go. We warped in and locked down the Rupture just in time for his friends in a Taranis and Wolf to arrive as well. After seeing our numbers and ships, the two frigates fled and left their Rupture friend to die. We looted and fled the belt to a safer spot just in time to see the Wolf appear back in the belt on our scanners. Back to the belt we went and down went another ship. Victory was ours!

Exhausted and relieved that things were finally going my way, I docked up in the Dal system at got myself a room. As I drifted off the sleep, my thoughts turned to the image of that Rapier uncloaking above my ship. One day I will have my revenge on you, old friend. Perhaps that day will be tomorrow when I finally reach my destination...

To Be Continued...

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Lars Lodar said...

Recons are a pain in everyone's arse.

Especially the rapier and falcon. Glad you got some fun kills. Go get 'em!