Monday, July 28, 2008

How I Pissed Away All My Money

Loss #1: Attacked a Drake, Catalyst, Caracal and Procurer. Killed the Procurer and fled with my ship on fire. Got greedy and flew back to try and kill the Caracal. Lost a rail fit Taranis.

What's to blame: Vodka and Cranbury Juice
Approximate Cost of Loss: 15 million ISK

Loss #2: Attacked a Drake and Ares. Tackled the Drake and waited for backup. Backup arrived and we got the kill but I lost my Ishkur.

What's to blame: Vodka and Cola (I ran out of Cranbury Juice)
Approximate Cost of Loss: 24 million ISK

Loss #3: Attacked a Harpy. Got beat down into structure and started to fly away. Got greedy and re-engaged. Lost a blaster fit Taranis.

What's to blame: My inability to flee from combat when I should
Approximate Cost of Loss: 17 million ISK

Loss #4: Attacked a Crow. Couldn't catch it so I flew away. Went to a gate a few minutes later and forget I was currently flagged with a criminal timer. Guns demolished my Crusader which had never even gotten a kill.

What's to blame: My absent mindedness
Approximate Cost of Loss: 18 million ISK

Loss #5: Was attacked by a Kestrel at a gate. Killed it. Was about to warp away when a pilot in an Enyo jumped into system. The Enyo targeted me so I immediately targeted him back and we started fighting. I was winning the fight at first but began to notice my ship taking a LOT of damage. Noticed next that my drones had all died and I was out of capacitor energy. Lost my Vexor while the Enyo was still in structure. Realized afterwards that I had accidentally engaged first without letting the Enyo take the first shot. I had died to the gate guns, not the Enyo.

What's to blame: My lack of goddamn patience
Approximate Cost of Loss: 16 million ISK

Approximate Grand Total Lost in 36 Hours Time:

90,000,000 ISK


Anonymous said...


That said, it does sound like fun! At least you didn't just loose all those ships being scanned down by mission running... you had some good scraps, and you'll learn a lot from the experience I'm sure.

And thanks for sharing - I'll learn from it now too.

Lesson #1... make sure I've got enough cranberry juice to see me through the night!


Anonymous said...

lol, that's not so good, but at least you're getting some PvP goodness and having fun (?) at the time. At least you're enjoying the vodka.

Anonymous said...

d'uh...ouch I do know how that feels. As for the rapier I'm not upset at all about any is a game, sometimes rules change and I for one ( who actually fly nano ships) look forward to the future

Thanks for not being shy about posting the losses..still suck s though. TC and earn some $

Xephys said...

Well, hopefully this doesn't discourage you from Eve at all, nor writing in this blog. To make sure, I've sent you a little sum, to make sure you have enough, when going gets tough.

Jarek Naumen said...

Hey... piloting a spaceship while drunk is against Concord safety regulations. You should get a hefty fine and your pod-pilot license suspended!

But i suppose while being a wanted criminal for destroying ship, that's the least of your worries :)

Ok now a serious note, flying drunk will make you lose ships a LOT... happened to me to.. for example undocking in an interceptor while flagged.

Lars Lodar said...

Flying drunk is a recipe for disaster.

A lesson I have yet to learn myself. I've had similar night/weeks but if I've learned anything, you can always bounce back and you will.

Just be cautious and try to be fleeted at all times.

I like your Noob Piracy Guide. I hope you posted that on the EVE-O forum

Mick said...

I've just lost 2 BCs in the space of an hour. I kinda know how you feel ;_;