Monday, July 14, 2008

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Like many things in life, action as a pirate is pretty inconsistent and it comes in waves. Some days are quiet and frustrating and some days are so busy you can barely keep up. Yesterday was one of the busier days I have experienced as I was involved in the destruction of a Drake, Muninn, Vengeance, Carcal and Osprey as well as a couple smaller ships. I was also involved in a interesting dogfight versus a Crow, Rifter and Punisher that unfortunately wound up in the loss of a Taranis. On top of all this, had I been paying attention to my corporations channels I would have noticed that my mates were engaging a Maelstrom battleship and Hurricane battlecruiser. Unfortunately I undocked and arrived a few minutes too late to be involved but my gang and another local pirate took care of them easily.

So with an active day nearing a close and the corporations killboard already chock full of entries, I took one last stroll around my home system. I caught a Drake on scan (what a surprise) and it did appear to be in a belt. I struggled with myself for a minute, trying to decide whether or not I should just dock up and finish my day instead of suicidally bum rushing a battlecruiser in my Taranis. No surprise to anyone, the bum rushing urge won over and I flew into the belt to see who my target was. I dropped into orbit around the Drake and quickly checked the pilots information before committing myself to a fight. He was only about two months old! I turned on my scrambler, closed distance and began cycling my blasters. His heavy missiles slammed into my ship, not doing a ton of damage but just enough to slowly eat away at my shields and armor. Finally after a minute of seeing that I was not damaging him quickly enough and that my ship was not going to last, I broke away and flew to a safe distance.

I checked my corporation channels but no one was responding. If I wanted to continue this fight it was going to be all up to me so I risked the anger of the station guns and docked up my Taranis to get another ship. I didn't have my Brutix anymore and I my only cruiser was set up for speed, not tanking or damage so I instead grabbed my Ishkur assault frigate. I undocked and flew back to the belt where the Drake was still ratting and engaged him a second time. I again flew into a close orbit, began cycling my blasters and launched my Hobgoblin II drones. Just like with the last ship, I was barely breaking his tank but he was slowly eating away at my shields and armor. Even with a capacitor injector I was barely able to keep my repairer and my blasters and my scrambler going. The last straw was when my drones all began to take damage... he had a smart bomb! This Drake who I had thought would be an easy kill was obviously equipped well!

Then as though perfectly timed, two pilots logged into our corporation channel! I requested their help and Golden Helmet and Smec undocked their own Jaguar and Rifter frigates from the station and joined me in my struggle in the belt. With the Drake now locked down by my gangmates, I limped back to the station a second time with a damaged Ishkur and several destroyed drones. I combed through every corner of my hangar and came up with one last ship that might be able to help finish the job, a Vexor cruiser set up with a "nano" speed setup and Hammerhead II drones. I quickly prepped "Sexxy Vexxy" and undocked from the station, about to bring a THIRD different ship to the same fight.

I arrived on the scene and launched my Hammerhead II drones and began peppering the Drake with my railguns. Finally with three ships damaging him, he began to succumb to our damage and his shields failed. After what felt like ages, his ship finally collapsed upon itself and exploded. With several banged up ships and half my arsenal depleted, I grabbed the loot and returned to the station, exhausted. Fricken Drakes.


Jarek said...

Yup, drakes are pretty annoying, especially when you are in small ships.
I ransomed an 8-10 month old Drake once in my ishkur, took like 15+ mins for his shields to go below the critical point, and then he coughed up the ISK :)

Spectre said...

I wish I knew how you got an Ishkur to last that long. I have awful cap issues with mine... even with a cap injector it just runs out of cap way too fast to keep the tank and blasters and scram running.

Lars Lodar said...


Made it to your blog. Sounds like you got a nice haul. That Maelstrom and Hurricane dropped embarrassingly quick. We got both of their pods and they wouldn't accept a ransom. They told me they were gonna quit EVE so I told them to say hello to their clone for me.

Jarek said...

Max cap skills and small NOS. Besides i was also struggling bad for cap. I could only pulse the repper, even switched to Null for a while because of cap. I was lucky that he was also shooting my drones for a while, and then i could take a little breather from tanking and recover cap.