Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lost and Found

Lost: An old friend.

Found: A lot of money.

Yesterday, I was floating around in space making myself some dinner. The Taranis, while a very small ship, has a little spot for a microwave and hotplate so I took advantage of the facilities to cook up some Easy Mac n' Cheese. This sort of meal is common for me as I don't want to waste all my ISK on silly things like expensive food. I save and scrounge for every credit I can get my hands on so that I can afford to buy and upkeep fun toys that blow up other peoples fun toys. As I sat in my pilots chair eating my cheap (but so cheezy and delicious) meal, I recieved a hail on my ships comm. It was an old friend of mine from the academy who we will refer to as "Stonesmasher".

Stone and myself had graduated from the academy together. We both were educated in the Gallente Federation and had aspirations of becoming wealthy and renowned in the universe, but we just happened to want to attain these results via completely different means. While my idea of obtaining wealth and fame was through theft and destruction, his was through hard work and determination. While I took up doing missions for the Federation Navy and then eventually moved on to the life of a pirate, he took up the quiet life of a miner. Even though we took these different paths and though we both eventually left the corporation we had both been employed by, we kept in touch. Stone let me know about how he had attained certification to fly a Retriever and then Hulk mining barge. He told me about his "adventures" mining in lower security space with his industrial corporation and I told him about my adventures pirating in lower security space where I killed mining barges.

So Stone had sent me a private hail. I answered the comms with a friendly greeting and he got straight to the point. It was sad news... Stone was tired of life as a miner and felt he already had nothing more to attain. He was going to quit and settle down as a family man in one of the Gallente colonies. This statement was emphasized by a notification that came up at the same time on my ships consoles. Someone had just deposited 270,000,000 ISK into my account. Two-hundred and seventy MILLION isk. Stone had liquidated all his assets and sent me everything he had. I found myself genuinely sad to think that I would never speak with Stonesmasher again. I had spoken with him several times a week for as long as I had been a pilot but this was certainly an acceptable consolation. After saying my goodbye's and telling him to stay in touch, I threw my cheap mac and cheese in the corner next to a half eaten cheesesteak and checked my bank account. My balance was now almost a third of a billion isk and I the spending spree I was about to go on was already being meticulously planned in my head.

I docked my Taranis, put on my clever disguise that I use when I need to enter empire space and hopped into my Iteron hauler. I set my course for the largest trading hub in the galaxy and thought about what I would order at the finest restaurant in Jita when I got there. When I arrived, I went to the ship dealers and picked out what it was I wanted to buy. I already had several interceptors and a cruiser in my hangar at home so I decided to purchase myself an Ishkur assault frigate, fully fit with blasters and drones and a fairly respectable tank. It was a good start but I wanted something else... something big... something I couldn't normally afford...

Bingo! Right as I walked past the Brutix battlecruiser, I knew it was what I was looking for. I have enough expertise to fly it adequately but to purchase and fit the ship would cost over 50 million ISK. "Fifty-million ISK? That's chump change!" I said to the salesman and asked him to send a brand new beautiful Brutix down for me to take home.

As I sat in the upscale restaurant, waiting for my goods to be loaded and eating my surf and turf, I wasn't sure how to feel. My wallet had increased ten-fold today and I would soon have a hangar full of every ship I could realistically want at this point in my career. I had a pang of regret as I thought about how I had come across these goods. I had already given my Brutix a name simply for the paperwork when I purchased it but I realized now what I would do. I took another swig of my classy vodka tonic and then I stood up and proclaimed to the rest of the crowd in the restaurant:

"I will name my new battlecruiser the Stonesmasher in honor of the one who made it's flight possible!"

I'm not sure why I felt the need to share this revelation with a room full of strangers. I bolted out of the restaurant without paying, boarded my now loaded hauler and made my way home. I had my crew unload my new ships into my hangar and I even took a picture. Behold, Stonesmasher the blaster fit Brutix:


Mynxee said...

Very creative and enjoyable post, Spec. I've received a few nice gifts like that from friends made in Eve...and paid them forward when I had the chance.

Ka Jolo said...

I've been enjoying your blog--entertaining and well-written, and I like your style.

Looking at your killboard I'm thinking you might enjoy flying a Thorax; small neuts, 1600mm plate, 2x EANM, DCII, and SARII. Load it up with jamming drones (EC-600) and it'll survive a surprising number of scenarios. More importantly, it's very economical--cheap, and you can kill many BC's, any AF, etc.

Good hunting!

Anonymous said...

Nice style! Spend your money wisely ;-)

Lars Lodar said...

Nice stories.

Good style and pacing with just the right amount of roleplaying.

Maybe one day I'll end up reading a story about some local chancer with a strange relationship to the Cartel. :D

See you in space bud.

Spectre said...

Ka Jolo: I have considered it but I'm wary to step into a Thorax until I can use T2 medium blasters and more importantly ECM drones. It would only take like two weeks to train these skills but I decided to prioritize my Crusader skills instead... I just like inti's way too much I guess.

Lars: Bah, I think I shot myself in the foot with this blog. I wanted it to be a SURPRISE when I landed on your Drake one day in a nice shiny Brutix... now you know it's coming :(

Mynx/Ombey: Thanks for the comments :)

Ka Jolo said...

No need to have medium blasters on the Platerax (though there is a low-armor gank fit that uses them), but yes, the ECM drones are absolutely necessary for solo excellence. They make it so gunboats can't target you and so you cannot be scrammed when you need to get away.

Jarek said...

Congrats on the nice gift :).

The Brutix is a very nice ship, one of my favourites. As it's name suggests, it just looks and feels brutal :).

Charis said...

Great work.