Sunday, July 27, 2008

Near Death and Rebirth

Nine Percent

It felt good to be back in my Taranis again. I had recently taken a bit of a break and spent several days holed up in the station, working on a publication. What? Yes, of course I know how to read and write. I am an educated pirate!

I directed myself down a familiar stretch of systems looking for targets but was coming up with nothing. I approached the Mara gate and requested permission to jump through. "You again?" Charlie asked me. "Man, I hate that guy" I thought to myself about the gate operator who seemed to be on this gate all day, every day. As the jump initiated, I was thrown from my peaceful spot in space into a situation of extreme violence. In Mara, right next to the gate, a pirate in a Caracal was attempting to kill an innocent Osprey pilot. Seeing that the Caracal was preoccupied, I quickly pinged the system gate for permission to engage.

"Tranny Taranny, you are cleared to engage. Our security guns will not interfere" said Steve over the comms. "Man, I like that guy", I thought to myself as I approached and locked down the Caracal. I turned on my blasters right as he destroyed his own target and within a few moments his ship was a wreck as well.

After the dust had settled, both pilots were still sitting right in front of me in their pods. Well why not try to ransom? I targeted and scrambled both pods (I just happened to have two warp scramblers equipped for reasons I will not go into now) and suddenly received a massive blow to my shields. I checked my ship systems and realized that my shields had been vaporized, my armor had been torn and the very hull of my ship was already being damaged! How in the world were these pods attacking me? Did they have some sort of crazy super doomsday pod gun?

Then it hit me. I had engaged un-flagged pilots near a gate by scrambling the pods! I quickly aligned for warp as the gate guns continued to maul me and closed my eyes and accepted the inevitable: I was about to be destroyed. "Fricken Steve. I hate that guy" I thought to myself as I waited for the end.

I waited.

Nothing happened.

I opened one eye first and looked out the glass to see space flying by... I had made it into warp! I did a system diagnostic to see how I had survived:

Shield Integrity - 0%
Armor Integrity - 0%
Structure Integrity - 9%

I am an idiot. Fortunately I am a lucky idiot.

"Flight Of The Crusader" and "Stonesmasher II: The Revenge!"

I have finally completed my education in the operation of Amarr frigate type ships. This means I can fly frigates, assault frigates and interceptors of Amarr make. Unfortunately, of all these ships there is only one I actually want to fly and have been training towards, the Crusader.

I have fit and taken the maiden voyage in my first Crusader interceptor but I do not yet have the proper skills or know-how to equip and operate all energy weapons. Specifically, until I can use tech II small pulse lasers, the Crusader does me no good. So I docked her back up without having seen much action and having no kills. She will have to wait another week until she can be flown the way she deserves.

In addition to this new member of the family, an older member has returned. Stonesmasher II has been purchased, fit, and taken on her maiden voyage as well. Let us hope that she lasts longer than her previous incarnation.


Anonymous said...

Two things.
Why in the sweet jesus would you call anything at you yourself own/fly a tranny? Terrible naming scheme.

#2: For the love of christ please stop saying carcal. it is not a cal car, its a caracal. Sure this doesn't make much difference, but it just makes you look ignorant

Spectre said...

Wow. Daddy didn't love you I guess?

Two things,

#1: I usually name my ships with some sort of rhyming scheme. Ishkur is "Squishy Ishy", Incursus is "Inky Dinky", I liked this and I don't do it to make YOU happy. Hard to believe, I know.

#2: Most people would have posted and said "Hey, you're spelling 'Caracal' wrong by forgetting an 'a' in the middle. Might want to fix that :)". For some reason you instead posted "I am a dickhead and I like to run around the internet making myself feel good by being a grammar nazi!" You might want to work on that a little.

Please don't post on my blog unless you can act older than 12 years old. Thanks.

mechajabber said...

Probably one of the people who no doubt send CCP mail to let them know that the shadows in system x should be 17 degrees further toward the horizontal due to the nebula throwing out more light than the sun and the refractive properties of the neighbouring proton field etc. etc.