Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Newb Pirate Guide (Introduction)

So I am still a newb. Instead of a completely fresh, clueless, completely devoid of knowledge newb I am now a fresh, clueless, mostly devoid of knowledge newb. I figure that I may be able to share some of the information I have picked up with other newbs who are interested in giving pirating a shot. This is a specialized guide targeted towards a specific type of pilot who fits the following description:

(1) Is pirating in low security space: There will be no information about can flipping or pirating in high sec. I have no qualms with people who DO do this (and I used to do it myself) but I am just not an expert in it so it won't be in this guide. There will also be no information about 0.0 as it is a completely different game than lowsec and again, I have very little experience with it.

(2) Is flying solo or in a small gang: If you like to gate camp or to fly in giant blobs or you fly big expensive ships, this guide may not be for you. I don't do anything of those things because I simply can't afford it and also because they just don't sound that fun.

(3) Is a NEWB: Newb! You don't know the basics of pirating or maybe even PvP and you need another newb to educate you. This guide is for you!

So now that that is out of the way, the following several posts will detail the definitive "Newb Pirate Guide".


Godlesswanderer said...

Great idea! I'm looking forward to taking a look at the Newb Pirate Guide as you post the next few entries.

Jon said...

Nice guide you got going...however, just because there aren't stations doesn't mean there isn't a POS in system the players could be at instead of floating in space. I understand for simplicity for the guide it's easier to assume no POS though. :)