Saturday, July 12, 2008


I landed near the stargate and immediately gave the signal to jump my ship through. The hull and armor were badly damaged and the faction police were hunting me but I just had to get to the other side. In the next system were a number of stations where I could repair and it was also where my gang of fellow pirates was currently located. I closed my eyes to ward off the weird feeling that you get when your ship jumps lightyears in an instant. It is sort of like your being is being pulled in every direction and squeezed into a tiny little ball at the same time. As we arrived at the in Heydieles, I looked up at my consoles and my heart sank. At least six hostiles made up of battleships, heavy assault cruisers and recon cruisers were awaiting me. In my big slow Brutix, there would be no escape this time. I ran my hand over the console of my beloved (and fairly new) battlecruiser and together we accepted the inevitable. I aligned to warp but was immediately scrambled, webbed and under fire from both the enemy ships and the stargate's guns.

Stonesmasher was no more.


Jarek said...

Ouch :(.

This is the negative side of flying a BC solo. You can't really escape gatecamps.

Spectre said...

Well a lot of keeping any ship alive is being aware and paying attention to whats going on. If I hadn't been slightly impaired by alcohol and very impatient I would have KNOWN that camp was there because the rest of my gang had already gone through :)

I expected to lose this ship fast though... now that it is out of my system I can go back to flying ships that don't get caught at camps.

mechajabber said...

Fun while it lasted eh? Those vodka tonics will be the end of you, you know :oP