Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Apocalypse Now

My hot blasters and ferocious drones slowly whittled their way through my targets armor. Our makeshift gang of a Stabber, Taranis, Blackbird and my Thorax were slowly destroying an Amarr Apocalypse Battleship. Our victim was unable to defend himself thanks to the incredibly powerful electronic countermeasure technology that the Caldari jamming ships employ. I opened a channel with the pilot and gave him a chance to save his ship:

[ 2008.08.27 15:15:57 ] Spectre3353 > hey beau
[ 2008.08.27 15:15:58 ] beau johnson1 > hmm
[ 2008.08.27 15:16:07 ] Spectre3353 > 40mil and you can leave
[ 2008.08.27 15:16:12 ] beau johnson1 > no kill for u
[ 2008.08.27 15:16:13 ] Spectre3353 > sorry to do this to you :)
[ 2008.08.27 15:16:28 ] beau johnson1 > sd on

No kill for me? "sd" on? What in the world did that mean? Confused, I closed the channel and watched as the battleship was nearly out of both shields and armor and about to take damage directly to his hull. His refusal to pay and the confidence in his response gave me a funny feeling about what was going on. Were his friends about to show up? Was he just messing around and about to open fire and demolish us?

I smacked my head in frustration. Now I understood. He was self-destructing! The timer had run out before we could finish whittling down his ship. No killmail from CONCORD. No loot on the wreck. He had decided he would rather let his ship go down in flames than pay us anything or let us have the satisfaction of causing his destruction. I watched as beau's pod warped away and felt a little upset over the lack of closure in our engagement...


Tom Hoffman said...

Hm... do you get an insurance payout if you self-destruct?

Spectre said...

Yep you do get insurance for self destructing.

Anonymous said...

Nice story m8, too bad he sd'd but still was fun :) Tali

Mynxee said...

Insurance for self-destructs is just plain wrong. It's as wrong as insurance payouts for suicide ganks...and I say this having initiated more than one high sec gank. If CCP is gonna take the one away, they should take the other away too.

But always, an enjoyable story, Spec.

Black Claw said...

That's a sad story, not getting the kill like that. But I can appreciate the Apocolypse's pilots decision too. Better luck next time though!

Anonymous said...

I am always willing to go down in flames fighting and leave my loot for my opponent except in one situation: if they are heavily using ECM.

I will self destruct every time rather than letting a group that ECM's me get the kill.