Saturday, August 30, 2008


We are all here today to honor the memory of a loved one who has passed on to the next life. Max was more than just a friend to us all. She was an inspiration. A loyal friend, sister, lover and lava-spewing-mechanical-marvel. I remember the day that we first met at that station in Jita. She looked like any other Thorax cruiser as I had her loaded into my industrial hauler and I gave her no special consideration I would not give to any of my ships. I treated her as a subordinate. She got no special wash or wax and she received no rare faction modules. She was just a ship.

As the days began to pass, my oblivious attitude towards Max began to melt into a feeling of admiration, respect and even love. She wasn't the strongest, the fastest or the most nimble but she had heart and she was tough as nails. We began to fly together every day. We killed poor little frigates, haulers and cruisers as they tried to autopilot through low security space. We killed pilots in the nearby complexes as they tried to complete their lame missions. We helped to bust up gate camps on our precious home turf. We pirated in the belts, at the stations, at the gates, near and far to our home. Big or small, alone or part of a group, there was nothing that Max didn't seem able to do.

The day of her death seemed like any other. Hostile targets in a Rupture and Thorax were in the area and we brought our own Nemesis, Rupture, Vexor and Maxine the Thorax to engage. A fight broke out on the gate and soon our opponents had brought in a Drake as well. A well fought and very evenly matched melee ensued. Their Thorax in trouble, their Rupture destroyed and all while Max was slowly being whittled down. I overheated my guns in an effort to finish the job fast and soon it was just us and the Drake left when I made that fatal mistake. In an effort to escape the scrambler range of the Drake, I hit my microwarpdrive and began to slowly accelerate. My speed was still low and my signature radius had been greatly increased by the propulsion device. The Drakes missiles began doing immense damage and I was out of capacitor to run my armor repairer or my microwarpdrive. I watched as Max was brutally slain right in front of my eyes and it was all my fault. Our Rupture and Nemesis pilots had been able to escape but my Thorax and my gang-mates Vexor both fell victim to the Drake's onslaught.

Max might be gone, but her memory will live on forever. Not just with me, but with the dozens of pilots that she affected so very profoundly. Wherever you are now (in a steaming pile near the Mara gate I guess) I hope that you know we are thinking of you. We will miss you.


Mynxee said...

/me raises a glass to Max, chugs it, and pours another. RIP.

So, got her replacement yet or is it just too soon to bear that thought?

Spectre said...

Nah I'm just too lazy to have flown to Jita to pick a new one up :) I'm sure it will be soon.

Anonymous said...

RIP Maxine. The Carebears of Lonetrek are observing a day of mourning (or is that rejoicing) for your loss.

Helicity Boson said...

...if only we had all paid attention and noticed the enemy rax was not, in fact, dead, then poor maxine and my own mr. ballzac would have been alive today *sniff*

Ubernero said...

I just lost my first thorax i had that acutally turned a profit about 10 mins ago, made the mistake of getting my ass probed out while i chatted with someone over MSN.

Never fun to loose a ship that way.

Anonymous said...

It's all part of being a pirate, you cant be a pirate with all of your pats (or ships), and what the hell is this feelings bu8siness, you don't have feelings...lies all lies :)

TC and shoot straight