Thursday, August 28, 2008


Laughable Written Hate!

2008.08.28 03:58
That's hardly neighborly.
-Milliardo Chartres

2008.08.28 03:59
I would love to take credit for someone elses handiwork but im not actually sure what you're talking about.

2008.08.28 04:09
You attempted a target lock before I jumped. Showed you flashing red and everything. Was I mistaken? If so I appologise in full.
-Milliardo Chartres

2008.08.28 04:11
I don't think it was me but it does sound like something I would do, so don't apologize :)

2008.08.28 04:36
It does sound like something you would do. Your blog was less than advertised. It only highlights your need to drop the pixels and find a real companion. We at Shadow Phoenix recommend an actual woman. No worries though, you'll meet a few when our pack hunts shameless PKers. You could always turn cool and setup honorable PvP instead of thugging it. Players with class will always draw attention and respect.
-Milliardo Chartres

Seriously Deadly Hate!

I landed in the belt where I had been told a Drake was sitting. In my Brutix I expected a fun fight, battlecruiser versus battlecruiser. I began digging into his shields but at an extremely slow pace and before I knew it I was halfway through my armor. No need to worry, I had secured backup and they were on their way. Then the Drakes friends began landing. A Curse? No problem... we can handle it. Oh a Dominix? No problem. A Deimos, Raven and Hurricane too? Ugh, I think this might have been a trap. I watched as my ship was annihilated and then banged my head repeatedly against the pod walls as my pod was nabbed and destroyed as well. I JUST BOUGHT IMPLANTS TODAY! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ 2008.08.28 05:14:23 ] EquitaS > come on guys
[ 2008.08.28 05:14:27 ] EquitaS > pirates dont hide
[ 2008.08.28 05:14:33 ] Spectre3353 > that was uh
[ 2008.08.28 05:14:37 ] Spectre3353 > i guess that was a blob

[ 2008.08.28 05:15:19 ] Syrus Delavega > we heard you guys are suckers for free kills had to pay you a visit

So much hate. So much directed at a poor innocent pirate like myself. I think I need a vacation.


Black Claw said...

I really don't think implants are worth it... isk-drains, is what they are. I've never had any, and I don't intend to.

Oh, and sorry to hear you got fragged. Did your friends get the rest of them, or was it called off after you died?

Yon Krum said...

It's ok man--just the lure of public glory and the shot at being mentioned in your blog. Heck... how many of us have been tempted to hunt you down just to show up on a coveted Spectre kill/lossmail?!

But if you really want a break, come join Caldari faction warfare. You can swat the annoying neutrals that keep following gangs, too... scouting... spying... stealing loot.

Pirates welcome. :)

Jarek said...

black claw, implants are REALLY worth it (maybe except the most expensive ones), don't make the mistake of ignoring them. A set of +3 and even +4 are affordable and goes a long way. It's hard to get podded in low sec if you remember to spam warp, unless you are really unlucky or lag out.

Helicity Boson said...

You can have my brutix if you go pick it up in detorid spec ;)

Spectre said...

They were only +2 implants. I spent about 10mil for four of them which might sound cheap but it's a lot of ISK for me. There were two real reasons I lost them:

(1) I was drinking a little.
(2) I was spamming the "jump" button instead of the "warp" button. By the time I realized my mistake I was very dead.

Kane Rizzel said...

that evemail convo is priceless.

Mynxee said...

Loved the morality lecture in that first one! As for the second, awww, poor Spec. ... "innocent pirate" ... Yeah, sure...pure as the driven snow! *snicker*

GH said...

Wait, people are actually hunting us now, besides the usual guys? :P