Wednesday, August 27, 2008


For months I have flown my Taranis. For months she has been my most prized, most loved ship. For months I have dreamt of nothing other than caressing her sweet wings and snuggling in her cozy cockpit. For months I loved her like no other until the other day when I arrived in Jita. 15,000,000 ISK for a Taranis? What are these people smoking? No way am I paying such a price for a ship that can be destroyed in a single volley by some of my opponents.

So my hangar remained devoid of it's usual little ball of face melting (my Taranis always loved when I called her that). Instead I continue to fly my Thorax named Max, who somehow has lasted nearly a MONTH and has now obtained 37 kills. Let me say that again for emphasis: A single ship that I fly very often, in many types of encounters, solo and in gang, has survived for 26 days since purchase and has been part of 37 different kills.

It all hit me as I sat in Max's cockpit, stroking the consoles and screens and controls and mini-fridge. I had fallen for her. An awful wave of guilt washed over me as I realized I was cheating on my Taranis but I swallowed the lump in my throat. Perhaps it is time to move on? After all, Max and I, we had been through a lot. Frigates, Interceptors, Cruisers, Heavy Assault Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Battleships, Industrials and Mining Barges. I was too grown up now. I needed a full bodied cruiser and no more of this frigate business. I was going to have to let my old girl down hard.

I got out of Max and walked nervously over to Mr Pilkins, the Taranis I had just recently aquired from a corp-mate. I touched her nose softly and said sadly that we could be together no more for I had found a new love. I could see in the reflection of her orange paint that she was devastated. I held myself together and waved goodbye. I turned and began to walk when I heard a message come in over the corporation comms from inside the cockpit...

"Bantam mining in an asteroid belt! Anyone up for an epic fight?"

I turned and jumped into Mr Pilkins without even thinking twice. We soared out into the blackness and onward to kill a poor defenseless miner (my favorite kind). I guess even if the love is gone, ours can be a purely professional relationship.


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Helicity Boson said...

Not to worry buddy, I will soon be available to tackle for you instead, and then you can do the shooting.

We should do some duo work soon so I can learn some more! (and also hopefully earn some moneys)

GH said...

Best post so far I think. Brought back old memories of my Incursus. The breakup between her and I... didn't go so well. :(

Ubernero said...

Ranis is my solo ship
Thorax is my fleet ship
Mega/domi (depending on budget) will be my OMG DONT PRIMARY ME IN MY EXPENSIVE TOY, ship.

I feel a more attachment to the ships themselves then thier types, each one has a purpose i like em for it.

Drones on the other hand are different, i retire old drones who put up a good fight.