Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's A Small Universe

I fell forward in my seat as my Crusader lurched out of warp. I quickly came to my senses and checked the overview systems. Rifter, 90 kilometers off! I began to approach but watched as he warped off to a nearby asteroid belt. My ship followed his trail into warp and landed at the new destination just in time to see him warp off again, this time towards a stargate. The Crusader I was flying was brand new. Shipped down to my hangar and fitted with beam lasers and speed modules only a few hours earlier. My luck with Crusaders in general had not been good and I had lost the three previous 'Saders in only a week earlier. This ship had been pulled out to roam for some victims with a gang made up of one of my corp-mates as well as another pirate I met just recently thanks my pirating log.

After a little deliberation, I decided again to follow the Rifter towards the gate he had warped to. As I approached I noticed that there were TWO Rifter frigates now on scan towards my destination. Easy little frigate kills. I landed, saw that they were both flashy red (and thus okay to engage on a gate) and punched the orbit button... just in time to be webbed... TWICE. My ship shuddered to almost a complete stop and the panic began to set in. I was 4000km away from the gate and my only possible escape was through it's bright flashy goodness.

Microwarpdrive on. Approach course set. My ship crawled its way towards jump range as the Rifter pilots began to tear through my weak shields and armor. Violently smashing buttons on my console, trying to get in distance and jump, my ship began to turn away from the gate that was so close yet so far. In horror, I realized that I had jammed the "orbit" button in my frenzy, causing my ship to change course (and sealing my fate). I tried hard to contain my frustration as my ship was smashed and my pod was popped, destroying the set of moderately expensive implants I had installed.

As I sat back at the station in Aurohunen, trying to shake off that new clone feeling, I apologized to my gang-mates for perishing in such a silly manner and leaving them stranded without their tackler. Malekar was the Rifter I had been chasing and had been the main reason for my demise. "Why did his name seem so familiar?" I thought to myself right as he began sending me messages over the comms. Of course! I had been in engagements with this pilot before and he had commented on my pirate log previously! We had a discussion about the encounter and I congratulated him on doing a good job nabbing my ship.

A reader of this log in my gang and a reader of this log as my opponent, all at the same time. It certainly is a small universe.


Mynxee said...

I apologize, Spec, for bursting out laughing at your situation ... but it was totally sympathetic cuz I have done that very same thing myself. Besides, your write-ups are always funny!

Mick said...

Aww, that's unlucky ._.

Hope you get better luck next time :P

Spectre said...

Four times isn't luck. It is a curse! Screw the stupid Crusader. Taranis and Ares only for now on.

Dexter Tripod said...

No, a Curse would've survived. :-P I do enjoy the blogs though, nice way to break up the work boredom.

malekar said...

That was a fun little game of cat and mouse! Good fight, and hopefully now we'll be flying together instead of at each other with target systems locked! Keep up the blog.