Monday, August 11, 2008

On A Sunday


I clutched my favorite blanky as all my screens, my engines, my jacuzzi, EVERYTHING on my ship flickered off and powered down. I had just been approaching a gate in Old Man Star, one of the most violent and war torn systems in the area when it had all gone off. My ship had lost all power and was now dead in the water right next to a busy stargate. I had no way of knowing what was around me, no way of communicating to my wingman about what was going on and my life support would only last so long without power. I grabbed a toolkit and climbed down into the belly of my Crusader to see what the hell was going on. An hour later I climbed back up into the cockpit to begin restarting and analyzing everything with power restored. It turns out that an interceptor is not intended to power a jacuzzi, coffee maker, double oven and warp capable engines all at the same time. They just don't make these things like they used to.

Luckily, no one had noticed the easy kill sitting powered down and helpless and I was able to fly myself off to safety. The problem was that now I was all alone and many jumps from home in a ship that isn't really intended for solo combat. I popped open my pirate Rolodex to see who was from around this area and one name jumped out at me. Ka Jolo lived only three jumps away! The pirate who's own logs had convinced me to begin pirating and to fly the Incursus and Taranis. Would my role model and pirating inspiration be willing to gang up with a lowly newb such as myself?

I hailed KJ and asked him what it was that he was up to. My timing was perfect it seemed for he was on his way to bust up a mining party a few systems away and could use my help! I powered up the warp engines (with the jacuzzi turned off for now) and set course for the system he had specified. Soon after, I arrived (even before Ka himself) and found a Retriever mining barge, Iteron hauler and Rokh battleship on scan towards one of the asteroid belts. A Rokh is not something I would normally expect to engage but with a wingman soon to arrive in a Thorax and these pilots seemingly very young, I warped in. I began my fast orbit around the Rokh, targeted him and turned on the warp scrambler to keep him in place. Surprisingly, I was not targeted back, I was not fired upon and I did not even seem to get any response from the Rokh pilot or his mining barge friend. Weird. I targeted and opened fire on the barge, hoping to destroy it before it warped away and funny enough, he sat there and let me poke away until his barge was no more.

Ka Jolo then arrived in his Thorax and opened fire on the Rokh. Instead of the expected violent response, the pilot ejected and left his ship! Surprised by the turn of events, we realized that neither of know how to operate a Caldari battleship and decided to just finish destroying the vessel instead of leaving it for someone who did. As we combed through the wreckage I came to the conclusion that this may be one of the most poorly and improperly fit ships I have ever seen. Ever. The ship itself was worth probably one-hundred times as much as the loot we pulled out of its remains. I have gotten a better fight out of an Ibis. I have pulled better loot off of a Merlin. How sad.

Once this whole encounter was complete. KJ decided to return to his station to refit his ship. I followed him part of the way back, scanning the areas as I went and ran into another target. A young pilot flying a very formidable cruiser, the Gallente Vexor. I engaged him in his asteroid belt, warp scrambled and began to poke away. Due to my skills and my ship setup, I was only able to fire a few volleys before I realized I was almost out of energy! I was not in danger from the Vexor or his poorly equipped cruiser as his Hammerhead I drones tried to catch me. The problem was that I could not fire my own guns to destroy him and I could barely keep my microwarpdrive running! I let my gang know that I needed some offensive assistance but he was several jumps away. How could I keep this ship locked down and myself alive until help arrived? I decided to try a trick I had heard about but never tried. I began to pulse my microwarpdrive. Turning it off after each cycle, letting my ship decelerate a bit, toggling the MWD back on and then repeating. This kept my speed up enough that the drones could not catch me but reduced my capacitor usage enough to keep the microwarpdrive running permanently. Finally, Ka showed up in his Thorax and finished the job for me.

Next, we headed off in search of some more combat and another member of Ministry of Destruction joined our gang with a Drake battlecruiser for the roam. I scouted ahead but was quickly encouraged to head back as our gangmate in the Drake was being engaged by a Huginn at one of the stargates. I jumped into the system and saw that there was one other pilot in the system who must be flying the Huginn. His name was P1rate Dave and something about his name and this whole situation felt so familiar. I had a hunch and checked my own activity logs... yes, it was him! The very same Huginn pilot who had destroyed my Myrmidon months ago! I tried to encourage our Drake friend to simply return to the stargate and jump away but he remained where he. Eventually another pilot in an Asarte command ship arrived and destroyed his battlecruiser as we watched, unable to help. I docked up at a nearby station and decided it was time for a break.

A good day, again ruined by a Minmitar recon ship. As the bubbles in my jacuzzi massaged my back, I sighed and sunk deeper into the water. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But one day, the 'matar pilots who fly those cowardly ships will get what is coming to them.


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Spectre said...

I apologize everyone but I have had to remove the ability make Anonymous posts. It looks like some spam bots have picked up on the blog and started leaving comments :/

Mick said...

Shame about the bots.

Ah well, very nice post. You've filled me in on most of this already, but it's nice to hear it on the blog. :P

Spectre said...

I'll have to stop sharing stories in-game for now on to make sure I am not ruining the blog posts before I write them :)

WTM said...

I'm lucky I guess, I learnt to fly the Rapier before I had the misfortune to face one in my interceptors.

The advantage being that I learnt with one of my mains just how deadly they are to ceptors at someone elses cost (and at my gain) rather than at my own expense.

Killing interceptors in a Rapier/Hugin is like shooting paralysed fish in a barrel.

I would suggest though that after the Nano nerf, the Gallente recons will be as (if not more) scary for interceptors. The combination of Gallente and Minmatar recon together will be a truly scary proposition.

PS... If you want to fit a spa to your interceptor, I would suggest adding an aux. power supply.

Jon said...

Stories like this make me want to train up basic BS pilot skills on all the races..JUST in case I got lucky enough to have someone eject.