Monday, August 25, 2008

Pirate Blogs

I am amazed at some of the people I talk to about my blog/log/ramblings/thingy-you're-reading-now. I am not sure how they find this site but many of them are not familiar with the other pirate blogs and sites out there related to Eve that inspired me to begin writing my own material in the first place! So I thought to myself, "why not create a list and link to all of them?" So here it is then. My list of pirate blogs that I think everyone should read:

You Money Or Your Life! - by Ka Jolo: KJ probably thinks I am some sort of stalking weirdo. I have mentioned him many times in my writings, I have bugged him several times in game to ask questions or to gang up and I even applied to his corp several months back. The reason I am so enamored with him and his adventures is simply that everything he writes is well written and feels very accessible. Ka Jolo makes pirating sound FUN from the very beginning as a newb in an Incursus up until the present in bigger ships. His stories are the reason I chose to fly many of the Gallente ships that I do and I wouldn't want it any other way.

A Pirates Perspective - by Kane Rizzel: Some of you may remember Kane from my series of posts about the epic journey. Kane's method of writing is very engrossing, sucks you in and would probably even be entertaining to read if you didn't play Eve. His stories and situations always feel a little bit darker and more dangerous than the rest of the ones I find around and with good reason I think. Eifer is a damn dangerous place!

Flashfresh - A Pirate - by Flashfresh: A friend of Kane, I will sometimes see them referring to flying together in their posts. Flash's early posts are very raw and without much fluff. They remind me very much of how I first felt as a newbie pirate. As his writing style evolved he began to incorporate a much more well rounded style of writing that meshed both real in-game experiences with fictional dialogue and characters. It is this sort of hybrid style that I try very hard to emulate. A great blog and one that seems to have evolved greatly since the beginning.

Eve-Pirate - by Ander (and many more): I admit that I don't actually know that much about this fellow Ander. The reason for this is that he does not usually write the posts that appear on the site. Instead, Eve-Pirate is a community blog that anyone can post to and after review, the post(s) will be cleared for publication and shown. I have posted my writings to this blog before and there are nearly a thousand entries by hundreds of different writers. A great place to start out if you are thinking of writing about your pirating adventures.

Life In Low Sec - By Mynxee: Less of a story-teller than most of the other pirates I listed above. Mynxee's blog is more like having a conversation with a fellow pirate only it is completely one-sided because you cannot respond to a blog (obviously you big dummy). Her posts are informative, incite some good comments and would be useful to anyone trying to understand the dynamics of life in... well... lowsec! Also a very friendly and helpful person in game.

Helicity - by Helicity Boson: Ok, so I actually only started reading this one today and the pilot is only days old. So why would I link and recommend something so new? Why because he has joined my corporation and even cites me as his inspiration! How could I possibly resist? It is nice to see a pirate who is starting out with the Amarr line of ships as almost all I have met go with Gallente and/or Minmitar. I look forward to reading about your exploits in the trusty and durable Punisher. Don't let us down!

Wensley - by Wensley: A 0.0 pilot whom I have been talking to for a few weeks now, he has decided to take the plunge and join Ka Jolo's Tuskers. His blog is very clean and easy to read and should soon be full of stories of pirating and what we like to call "Yarr"*. I really look forward to where this one is going.

* "Yarr" is a registered trademark of Spectre and all violators of its use will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of a Light Neutron Blaster II loaded with Null S.

Yarr Yum - by Lanissum: A newcomer to both pirating, blogging about pirating and to the Pyton Cartel, his blog started out a bit rough around the edges but has already started to settle into a nice groove. All I can say is: "STOP KILLING COOL STUFF WITHOUT ME YOU JERK!"**

** "Killing Cool Stuff" is a registered trademark of Spectre and all violators of its use will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Mr Pilkins kicking them in the face repeatedly while I watch and laugh.


Helicity Boson said...

aww thanks man! I have a feeling I'm going to be the lonely oddball khanid pirate out there :/

or maybe "that khanid weirdo i podded again yesterday" to some :P

Ga'len said...

You missed my blog!?!?!?

Man, I am an 'ebil piwat' too!!!


Spectre said...

I am afraid I'm not familiar with your blog ga'len. Feel free to give yourself a free plug in the comments of this post though.

P.S. Pink Bunny Slippers of DOOM, eh? :)

Mynxee said...
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Mynxee said...

\o/ I'm somebody now! Seriously, thanks, Spec, for the mention and kind words.

CrazyKinux said...

Interesting list you've got there. You should definitely keep updating it.


Lanissum said...

Wow, I actually made that list XD
Btw, *try* to not kills so much cool stuff.

Ka Jolo said...

I found this post tracking-back from my site--wondered where the traffic was coming from. Thanks for the mention!

I can't believe you applied to the corp I was in and I didn't hear about it. What happened with that?

Spectre said...

KJ: I applied to MoD several months back but the app process went very slow and I wound up joining the Python Cartel instead. I'm glad the Pirate blogs post is producing some traffic... It is one ofmy most viewed posts ever for some reason (probably thanks to CK as usual).