Friday, August 1, 2008


So I see a number of the other blogs on my Eve blog list are doing a month in review post today. I don't really want to get into doing any regular scheduled reviews but this once I am going to copy off of them to highlight the first couple of months that EVE Newb has been active. Let me start off with this:

This is a graph of the unique visitors every day for the past two months. It starts off pretty flat and the first real bump around June 16th is when Crazy Kinux first linked me from his blog. Thanks to traffic from Google searches, links from my signature on the forums and links from other blogs, the numbers continued to climb up until a few days ago when I hit my new record high of 200 unique visits in a day. Two-hundred. I am absolutely astounded that this many people are viewing this site and I never thought i would have this many visitors EVER, let alone within just the first few months of starting out.

Some other totals over this time period:
  • 3,711 Visits
  • 1,576 Absolute Unique Visitors
  • 7,948 Pageviews
Traffic sources:
  • 18.30% of visits were linked from Google
  • 17.76% of vists were direct traffic
  • 16.63% of visits were linked from forums
  • 16.20% of visits were linked from
  • The remaining visits were linked mostly from a long list other blogs
So to conclude, I have a question and a statement:

(1) What the hell is wrong with you people? Why do you keep coming to this site? It is the ramblings of a mad man about spaceships in a video game. You should all be doing something productive with your time like reading about Francisco Largo Caballero or solving world hunger. You should all be ashamed of your priorities.

(2) I would have no traffic and no comments and no sense of self worth if it weren't for the fellow Eve bloggers in the community. The numbers above are a bit misleading when they say that a majority of my links come through direct links or Google. This is only true because the INITIAL visits came through other bloggers giving me links on their sites or giving me a link in one of their posts. I appreciate it guys.

To many more months of me being obsessed with fake internet spaceships and writing about it in a silly blog.


Mick said...

Well, honestly, I gotta say that your writing style and stories in general are above-par, very nicely structured and written.

Good to know you're getting quite a few views. Let's hope you get much more in the years ahead, eih?

Andreas said...

Start having adds that can net you some income ;)

Its fun to read about your glory and mishaps, and as a kill leeching frig in the corp - its nice to have someone to look up to , as my income from pirating been quite slow ;D


Anonymous said...

Glad to know we can help a bit :) Yours is a fun read so I enjoy it. Keep writing I'll keep reading

-Manasi The Mule

CrazyKinux said...

The more fools we are doing this, the more fun we'll have!

Let me tell you that blogging about EVE 3 years ago , was a very lonely time. Over the last few years more and more of us joined in and started spilling our guts about EVE. Only time will tell where this will lead us!

Now, if I could only find that piece of paper where I wrote down the solution to the problem of free-endless-non-polluting source of energy...

Yon Krum said...

Since my day job is, in fact, solving world hunger, I have less time to shot internet spaceships than I'd prefer.

This is where you come in: enabling us to cough vicariously in the exhaust trail of your blazing ships [guns?].

That and you write better (and longer) walls of text than others I've met in EVE....