Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Small Oversight

Recently it has become a bit dangerous to go flying around the nearby systems in anything small enough to be caught at a gate. There are loads of anti-pirates and occasionally other pirates in camps that will nab a blinky red like myself and my corp at the gates. Because of this I have been resorting to finding ways to entertain myself without leaving our home system or at least by not going very far. This involves a lot of popping new pilots as they autopilot through the gates, as they mine in the belts or as they undock from the stations. Not glorious and not extremely profitable but very entertaining and fairly safe when flying my Thorax with thick armor equipped.

So I watched the same Badger hauler dock and leave from one of the nearby stations a few times and decided I would go and wait in the undock lane to try and catch him the next time. I equipped my Thorax with a sensor booster and a strong scrambler to ensure I would get him and waited. Within a few minutes I saw his name pop up on my overview! When flying a ship, a majority of the time is actually spent watching your instruments and screens as opposed to actually looking out the glass at what is there. So I watched my screens as I targeted him and opened fire. The gate guns began to pepper me but he would be dead and I would be gone before it ever mattered. I watched his ships shields and... nothing was happening? Why wasn't this Badger taking damage? Was it a super combat Navy Issue Badger? I lifted my head and actually looked out the glass at my target and realized that I couldn't see ANYTHING. It just looked like I was really close to the side of some sort of huge ship but that couldn't be right. I checked my overview more carefully this time to see what type of ship I was attempting to pop.



I was trying to solo a carrier in a cruiser with gate guns on me? I ignored the awful sinking feeling and aligned to warp. My opponent didn't even seem to be targeting me back and I was able to warp away in one piece, a bit embarrassed and having learned a lesson. Paying attention is GOOD!


Smec said...

haha - [ 2008.08.19 23:35:37 ] Spectre3353 > i could solo a carrier


Spectre said...

I said that when I was in my Taranis. This time I was in a Thorax so it was a totally different situation!

Dahli Llama said...

Great story.