Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sore Loser

As I continue posting to this log about my experiences, I have started to get a response from you weirdos who read it. You send me eve-mails, start private conversations with me and join my comm channel to speak with me. I think my favorite part of all this is the fact that I have gotten to fly with several of you. In some instances it didn't go so well (sorry Leon). In some instances I was killed by my own readers and then teamed up with them later on (thanks Malekar). Last night I went out with my Ishkur, Apoctasy in a Blackbird and another reader Lachesis in an Omen. Determined to show Lach a good time, we roamed around the area until we got down to a system called Ishomilken. Ishomilken is home to a pirate gang called VMF-214 Blacksheep. We have had encounters with some of their pilots before that had gone both ways. Tonight there were a few of them in local and I immediately noticed a Caracal on scan and in a belt as we arrived in system...

We warped in on nemezio but he was just moving as I landed. We scanned around a bit more and found him this time towards a planet. I warped in and engaged in my Ishkur. I took a serious beating and was in structure and out of capacitor by the time my gang arrived. Thanks to the wonders of ECM I was safe from the Caracal and his Thrasher friend that had shown up once Apoc engaged with the Blackbird. The Thrasher pilot's name was Shimino and he fled once he was jammed and saw that this fight was not going to go their way. We finished off nemezio, grabbed the loot and warped off to deep space to repair our damage and assess the situation. We gave a polite acknowledgment of the fight over the local comms like pirates usually do and got this response:

[ 2008.08.24 05:17:53 ] Spectre3353 > gf nemezio
[ 2008.08.24 05:17:59 ] Spectre3353 > scared me
[ 2008.08.24 05:18:10 ] Shimino > what?
[ 2008.08.24 05:18:35 ] Shimino > you can't make a good fight?
[ 2008.08.24 05:18:51 ] Shimino > you need a jammer for fight?
[ 2008.08.24 05:19:21 ] Spectre3353 > there isnt any reason to be childish... this is eve, not arena football... of course we are going to use any advantage we can get
[ 2008.08.24 05:19:23 ] Shimino > and you know it's a good fight?
[ 2008.08.24 05:19:45 ] Shimino > where is the chalenge?
[ 2008.08.24 05:20:01 ] Spectre3353 > there isnt any reason to be a sore loser
[ 2008.08.24 05:20:15 ] Shimino > you need realy perma jam all ship realy??
[ 2008.08.24 05:20:24 ] Apoctasy > :)
[ 2008.08.24 05:20:24 ] Spectre3353 > i come in here all the time and your corp is sitting at stations in battleships
[ 2008.08.24 05:20:28 ] Spectre3353 > so dont act all high and mighty
[ 2008.08.24 05:20:28 ] Shimino > you are the looser dude
[ 2008.08.24 05:20:37 ] Spectre3353 > you are sore is all it is
[ 2008.08.24 05:20:49 ] Spectre3353 > youre immature and upset that you didnt win
[ 2008.08.24 05:21:01 ] Spectre3353 > when you could have just been civil and polite about it like most people
[ 2008.08.24 05:21:06 ] Spectre3353 > f*ck off
[ 2008.08.24 05:21:08 ] Shimino > you come with many support ship jammer
[ 2008.08.24 05:21:13 ] Shimino > NO U
[ 2008.08.24 05:21:16 ] Spectre3353 > if we hadnt, i would be dead
[ 2008.08.24 05:21:20 ] Spectre3353 > which means it was the right choice
[ 2008.08.24 05:21:20 ] Shimino > you are the looser

What an incredibly sore loser. At this point I programmed my ships computers to ignore any and all messages sent by Shimino so that I wouldn't have to be distracted by his comments. We continued to scan around. Shimino and his Thrasher were still out and nemezio had now returned in a Drake. I scanned Shimino at a station and decided to warp and engage if he was within range. I landed and he was within 30km! I turned on my slow afterburners, launched my drones and within moments we were locked up in a fight. His Thrasher did some very impressive damage as it was fully T2 fit but my Ishkur's tank and drones and blasters were a bit too much to handle. He went down as my ship began to take hull damage and I also managed to grab his pod and it's 3 million ISK bounty.

Finally I went and dropped off the loot collected from our last kills at the station and repaired all the damage my Ishkur had taken to it's hull. We regrouped and found that nemezio's Drake was sitting at a planet. We had been pretty successful so far, so why not continue to press our luck? We warped in on nemezio and engaged. Lucky for me he was using heavy missiles and had only three T1 drones so my well tanked frigate was more than safe from his damage. We jammed his targeting computers, destroyed his drones and began trying to break his tank when suddenly a Pilgrim showed up right on top of us! We all fled immediately, not wanting to mess with a recon that may or may not be allied with our Drake opponent.

Sitting in deep space again, we considered the situation. The recon had warped almost right on top of us. We could probably jam and burn him down pretty fast and it also did not seem as though he was actually allied with nemezio. We could try to take on the Drake again and this time we could just turn on the Pilgrim if he showed up again. We warped back in on nemezio, began our same attack and sure enough, the Pilgrim showed up again! We turned our weapon systems upon the new opponent and heard screams and then silence over the fleet comms... Apoctasy and his Blackbird were down! Lachesis was taking fire! We just wanted to finish off this Pilgrim before we were all dead... I put everything I had onto the Pilgrim. Blasters. Drones. Web. He was hitting structure and finally exploded just as Lachesis and his Omen bit the dust from the combined fire of our enemies. I was the lucky one as I recalled my drones and was able to warp away from the encounter alive in structure.

It seems to be a common theme in the Ishkur. I end every fight in structure but regardless I still get out alive. What a trusty frigate.

I woke up this morning to this message from "Eve System":

Offensive Language
2008.08.24 08:17
This is an official warning for using offensive language in a public channel. Cease all such behavior or risk further repercussions.

Shimino had reported me to someone? He had started a smacktalk conversation and then been such a sore loser about his ship loss (and conversation loss I suppose) that he reported me for using a naughty word? That is sad and it is a low blow. Definitely one of the most childish pilots I have ever run into. At least his bounty and loot will make me feel better. ISK attained through the blood and tears of my opponents always does.


GH said...

People are on a petition spree lately methinks, I got a similar mail in my box a little while ago. I love it :D

Anyways, wish I coulda been there for that fight, sounds like it was fun. Keep making me proud! :P

Ubernero said...

Quit fucking swearing you fucking fucks. Is it that hard to get through your fucking heads?


WTM said...

Oh my god....

Where do these people come from, honestly?

I'm surprised he didn't get his mum to log on and tell you off...

Whining about someone using ECM? I mean seriously wtf?!?!?!

Good write up, and grats on killing him. Personally I would plan to visit him a few more times over the coming month, but he'd probably report you for "griefing".

Helicity Boson said...

Man.. they petitioned you for rude language?

That must mean I'll get banned within a month then...


Patrick said...

Thanks for letting me come along! Great time. Don't tell my corpmates this but I might switch to the dark side in a month or two if PvP doesn't pick up in our corporation.

Mind if I come fly with you again some time? I'll bring replacement ships this time ;-)

flashman said...

Did you type "f*ck" or "fuck"? If it was the latter, you might have been automatically logged and reviewed.