Friday, August 22, 2008

We Shall Scrimp And Save

My wallet balance 4 days ago:
42,000,000 ISK

Ransoming a newb in a Raven:
+17,000,000 ISK

Insurance payout for losing a Brutix:
+27,000,000 ISK

Doing several level 3 missions:
+30,000,000 ISK

Looting a Stealth Bomber and ransoming the pilots pod:
+20,000,000 ISK

Killing a couple battleships and selling the loot:
+5,000,000 ISK

It has been a very profitable few days. Even my one ship loss came close to making me money. This is how pirating should always be!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was just wondering, it seems that you and your inty are a very deadly combo-- but you seem to have a poor opinion of assault frigs.

I was just wondering if you could give me a more detailed opinion on them, since I'm about to be able to fly them (gallente enyo/ishtar [or ishkur whichever ones da frig])

Spectre said...

Ishkur is the assault frig, Ishtar is the heavy assault cruiser. I don't really have a low opinion of assault frigs, I actually find them to be quite fun ships to fly. I just do not find them to cost efficient. In an interceptor you can deal DPS nearly as high (or higher in the case of the Taranis) than most AF's and still have the ability to dictate the fight and escape thanks to your speed and agility. In an assault frig you are slow and clumsy enough to have to stick around and stay committed to a fight even if you are going to lose it.

Seeing as how an Ishkur costs like 12mil which is even more than a Taranis but is way more likely to get popped during solo or even gang warfare, I usually just go with an inti. Ishkur is also a tough ship to fit. You can stick a pretty nice tank and good DPS on it but it is going to rely on fitting an afterburner and maybe a cap booster to keep it all running. This is only really acceptable as part of a gang as you need your mids for a MWD/Web/Scram when going solo.

The Enyo on the other hand is less expensive at around 7 mil last I checked but really isn't all that effective. My Taranis does the same DPS and is a way more versatile ship for not much more money.

So the bottom line: If you have the money to spare, there is no reason to avoid the assault frigates. They are fun and that is what playing a game is all about. They just aren't a very cost effecient way to fly when pirating. Fly what you enjoy and what you can afford to lose.

I should have just done an entire post on this subject instead of a long-ass comment :)

Valient said...

I need to try the Taranis i been doing a lot of militia gang with Ares and is very fun but i really want to do some pirating i just don't know if i can affort a low sec standing as my only form of income is doing lvl 4 caldari militia mission in highsec and not even good at that with my low sp.

Anyways enjoy your stories and one of the reason i decided to jump into interceptors first.