Sunday, September 21, 2008

Air Conditioned Nightmare

Air Conditioned Nightmare


I kicked the air conditioning unit as hard as I could and it spun back up while making a whiney whirring noise. Why hadn't I gotten this thing fixed properly before flying out? I wiped the sweat from my brow and plopped back down into the cockpit seat of my Thorax. I was floating out in deep safe in the extremely busy system of Amamake as Andrea Skye, Thurxus, Lanissum and myself had taken a forty jump trip here the night before. It went well since none of us lost a ship and we had several kills including a Hurricane, Catalyst, Merlin, Thorax, Condor, Punisher and Rifter. I had stayed in the station overnight and was getting ready to head home but not before I took one last scan around to see what was doing in the wild west that is Amamake.

I squinted to read my overview as sweat was dripping down my forehead and stinging my eyes. Fifty pilots in system but nothing that dangerous on scan. Just a Bellicose and he was in the infamous "top belt" near planet III. Very possibly bait but for some reason I was feeling suicidal. I set a course and landed directly on top of my target. Locked, scrambled, webbed and I opened fire. Then it started. A Falcon uncloaked and broke my lock just as a Caracal, Vexor, Vengeance and several other ships began warping in and engaging me as well. I should have seen this coming. I immediately set course away from all my pursuers and toggled the microwarpdrive. I gained some distance from several of them but the Bellicose pilot was still close and keeping me scrambled as my armor quickly disentegrated from the all the hostile fire. I overheated my microwarpdrive for that extra boost and deployed my ECM drones at the ship scrambling me. The extra power must have been too much for my Thorax because I heard the air conditioner stutter and stop once again. This time I was not as angry about it as I realized that the Bellicose was now far behind me and I was able to warp away to safety as my ship started taking damage to its hull.

"How in the world did I just survive that?" I thought as I climbed back down into the engine room.


Stupid air conditioner.

One Small Step For Man

It is hard to explain to people that are not combat pilots about that feeling. The feeling we get when we work hard towards our education and our finances and are rewarded for it. That feeling of purchasing and fitting a brand new ship that we have never flown before and then getting into it for the first time. I had that feeling today and it was good:

My very first battleship. A Megathron named "Gunner Cid Is Kool". It saw its first action for a few minutes when trying to intercept a hauler at a gate. I look forward to losing her in some awfully newbish way.


Avan said...

Just don't jump into high sec...

Dexter Tripod said...

As Avan KNOW that's how it's going to meet it's demise don't ya? :-P

Mynxee said...

*Mynxee giggles..she's NEVER done that. Oh no, not ever.

Gratz on your battleship...kinda feels like a lumbering whale compared to the small agile frigs and cruisers, doesn't it? have AIR CONDITIONING on your ship? I thought that is what the holes in mine were for.

Ubernero said...

HAHA, i beat you in the BS race, been flying a Domi for 2 weeks now.

skye said...

was a nice little roam :P

Will have to go down there more often, forgot how cool amamake was xD