Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Can't Think Of A Good Title Today Either

Sad Pirate Fundraising (Last Chance)

Due to the complete lack of donations in the past two days, I have decided to call a premature end to the Sad Pirate Fundraiser(tm). Today will be the last and final day. If you have not made your donation yet, this is your last chance to do it. Don't miss your opportunity to give to the sad pirates who need you. Don't let your chance at the fabulous prizes slip away. Don't let tomorrow come without donating to the greatest cause in the universe. Me.

"Silly Wabbit (pt 1)" or "Why You Shouldn't Attack A Blaster Taranis From 10KM Away In A Stealth Bomber"

I had seen a Hound on scan just a minute ago. A stealth bomber, hiding in one of the belts of the system. I went straight to the asteroid belt that I thought I last saw him and I flew around slowly for a few minutes. He was not on scan. Nothing was in the belt. But I stayed. How I knew he would appear I was not sure, but finally I heard that whoosh of an uncloaking ship and checked my overview. Hound stealth bomber targeting me and only 10km away? I might be scared to engage one of these fellows if they started with a 100km range advantage but this little sucker apparently had no idea what he was doing.

I flew a little closer, turned on the web, the scrambler. A volley of cruise missiles knocked my ship slightly off course and vaporized my shields. Still, I flew a little closer. Another volley put a small dent in my armor. Closer. Closer. Finally, I could see the siloutte of the opposing pilot through the glass in his ship. I could almost see his face as a third volley tore off another bit of my armor plating. My curiosity was now satiated and I was done playing with my food so I toggled my blasters. I felt that adeneline surge as my Null shredded his stealth bomber. Obliterated. Devastated. Annihilated. His pod got it too and my ship was barely touched.

I put my head down onto the console of my ship and kissed it. I love you Taranis.

"Silly Wabbit (pt 2)" or "Why I Need To Stop Trying To Win 1v1 Taranis Fights"

My Taranis is rarely ever set up in a fashion that is specifically for destroying other interceptors. I usually fit in manners that are flexible and appropriate for roaming around by myself. Yet whenever I get into a situation where another Taranis wants to fight me, I can't help but agree or engage (even though I have a very bad track record). When offered the chance to duel another Taranis today, one who has killed me before and who I knew would be fit and skilled more appropriately, I still agreed.

To make it short, I lost. Again. I guess I will never learn.


Mynxee said...

Wow...those things are made of like....spider webs. I admit knowing little nothing about what proper piloting of a stealth bomber involves. Care to enlighten me?

Sorry about your loss after that nice ballsy kill. Wanna play Texas Hold 'Em? I bet I could sucker you into a really bad All In bet. *grin*

Spectre said...

Stealth bombers can hit from a very long distance and can kill a poorly tanked frigate in only a volley or two. On the other hand, they have almost no tank and I can kill them in only a few seconds in my Taranis. This has led to some interesting showdowns before as a SB uncloaks and I race 100km to try and get there and melt him before he manages to launch 4-5 volleys and kill me during the journey.

That is why uncloaking in a mediocre fit SB from 10km away is stupid. I basically just had to float on over and kill him with no trouble. I doubt he will make the same mistake again.

WTM said...

Yeah, that does sound like an inexperienced Stealth Bomber pilot... 10km away - doh!.

That said, you don't want to be too far, or the target will warp off before your missles get there.

lol said...

No idea why he'd engage at 10km unless he's either stupid or got decloaked from passing within 5km of you... I've had a few comedy SB fights myself (think railranis vs. manticore 120km away, I had 2% structure at the end, <3 damage controls :P)

Xasz said...

^me >_<