Monday, September 15, 2008

I Can't Think Of A Good Title Today

Party Crashing

A mining party that is. I sat down at my console in the station just in time to hear Andrea Skye rallying the troops to bust up a mining operation that was set up in Mara. A mining operation in Mara? These fellows obviously had no idea what they were doing or that it was about as dangerous as playing soccer in a minefield. I quickly got down to the hangar, powered up my Vexor and went to meet with the rest of our fleet. Minutes later, I was waiting on the Mara gate with fellow pirates in a Rupture, Blackbird and another Vexor. Skye jumped in to scout and confirmed that our targets were still mining in a belt and there was a large assortment of ships including a Rokh, Brutix, Catalyst, Caracal and Retriever. Time to play.

We jumped in and made our way straight to the belt. I called primary on the Brutix and Skye went about jamming the Rokh's targeting systems. It didn't seem to matter much as we smushed the Brutix fairly quickly and all of his friends fled without putting up much of a fight. I only wish I had been smart enough to order a second ship scrambled while we were killing the first. I had not expected them all to flee like a bunch of girls. Near the end of the Brutix kill, an Ishtar appeared in the belt and unfortunately ganked our Blackbird but no other casualties were suffered as a result. Not surprising as Mara is almost constantly overrun with nano cruisers of some sort.

Sexxy Vexxy

I have yet another new favorite. After losing a brutally close 1v1 cruiser fight versus Omae G'awd the other day, I contacted him to figure out how he had equipped and fit his ship. I decided to try his setup and I am finding it to be extremely effective. For respect out of OMG I will not share exactly what the secret is but it has allowed me to score seven quality kills with the Vexor in the past couple of days. It's brilliant mix of speed and tank has also allowed me to survive in several situations I would not have in one of my old Vexor setups. I even tanked an Ishtar with no issues for well over 60 seconds while waiting to jump through a gate (although he wasn't exactly fit well).

Sad Pirate Fundraising (Day 4)

While I greatly appreciate the quick and generous start we had to the fundraiser, things have already grinded to almost a complete halt. You guys need to look deep inside yourself, into your heart. Think about the sad pirates and how their lives will never be the same if they don't raise at least half-a-billion ISK during this fundraiser. Make sure to continue to contribute often and contribute well! You will earn fabulous prizes!!!! DO IT.


Mynxee said...

Am I still in second place? Am I? Am I? Am I? Am I? Am I? Am I? Am I? Am I?

Helicity Boson said...

That reminds me, I really need to blog that ishtar fight. Good fun that was.

Spectre said...

Mynx: Yes, the top three spots have not changed since I posted on Day 2. I am hoping that some kind souls will step up to the plate and donate so that the current standings will not remain the same until the end of the fundraiser on Friday.

Patrick said...

Looking at that brutix's fit (with miners, rails, and artillery?!) I'm willing to bet that the rokh also had mining lasers equipped.... would have been a juicy kill.

Thanks for the chat about recruitment the other day; I'm going to submit my app onto the python boards this weekend. My corp is in the middle of an empire war (well, a waiting-outside-of-stations-for-people-to-undock-but-they-never-do war), and I can't really leave in the middle of it. :) Should be over on Sunday.

f0st3r said...

Yea I was shocked and disappointed when we came in and the rest of our meat left.. :(