Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Karma Is A Bitch

Don't Go Looking For Trouble

I don't really feel that bad about the terrible pirate things I do. Sometimes there will be a twang of regret when I pop the same newbies Bantam for the third time in the past hour, but it doesn't last long. Last night however was different. Sitting at the station in my Megathron with a couple of Python Cartel members, a pilot that was not in our corporation, not in our gang and not blue to us showed up. He was in a stealth bomber and chatting with us over the public Python Cartel communications channel. We had ganged with him the night before to bust up a Vanguard Alliance gate camp and he was genuinely interested in joining our corporation.

I wasn't considering shooting him until Golden Helmet made the suggestion.

True. He is not a corporation member. He is not in gang. He does not have positive standings. According to the rules we live by, he is a perfectly valid target. So why did I feel bad about the fact we were about to gank his unsuspecting ship? I ignored the feelings of "WRONG" inside my gut and made sure to lock and fire so that I could get on the killmail as I am a complete killboard whore. An examination of the mail made me feel even worse as the ship was rigged and well fit. I didn't think there was anything that could make me more regretful until someone pointed out this post that Pr3ach3r left us detailing his enjoyment in working with us.

At least he was cool and understanding about that situation.

[ 23:06:24 ] Pr3ach3r > ....
[ 23:06:49 ] Pr3ach3r > well that sucked
[ 23:06:56 ] Pr3ach3r > lol

Trouble Will Find You

I launched my Thorax named "I Love Gunner Cid" from the station in Aurohunen and did a quick scan. Nothing in the area. Time to move on. I set my destination for the Dantumi gate and upon arrival I noticed an Onyx, Cerebrus and Claymore. The Claymore being flown by Gunner Cid, the very benefactor that gave me the ship I was flying. I made sure he noticed the name before I jumped on through.

[ 14:24:40 ] Spectre3353 > please note my ship name before i jump through cid

I hesitated at the gate for a few moments until I felt a huge crash and my ship shuddered under the force of a massive collision. I got up, shook myself off and checked what had just happened. My ship had been rammed by the Onyx and I was now well out of range of the stargate and webbed by my attackers.

I mulled over my options quickly as my ship was being destroyed. I could not make it back to the gate with webs on me. I could not get out of scram range with webs on me. I could not tank the damage I was taking and I could not even put a dent in my attackers. I sadly concluded there was no escape and prepared to flee in my pod. A few minutes later I was back in the station and with one less Thorax to my name.

[ 14:26:26 ] Gunner Cid > I saw it on scan spectre, why did you hesitate at the gate =/
[ 14:26:38 ] Spectre3353 > because i am not a smart person apparently
[ 14:26:51 ] Spectre3353 > nice bump btw
[ 14:26:56 ] ridik ulass > apparently...?
[ 14:26:56 ] Gunner Cid > thx
[ 14:27:57 ] Gunner Cid > meh you have a couple more of those thorax left I am willing to bet
[ 14:28:02 ] Spectre3353 > a few :)
[ 14:28:07 ] noktamid > gf pythonoob
[ 14:28:22 ] Spectre3353 > wasnt a good fight at all actually nok but i appreciate the sentiment

This was the result of karma. This is what I deserved for doing virtually the same thing to Pr3ach3r the day before. Karma is a bitch.


Pegleg Punk said...

Karma is fickle and her kiss stings!

Lanissum said...

Owch, I hate getting gate raped Lol...

Mynxee said...

Damn that Karma! Amusingly told, though. We gotta get you on Hellcats Vent someday to see if you're as funny there are you are here.

GH said...

Dammit spec, now I've got Radiohead's "Karma Police" stuck in my head, thanks a lot.

Karma is indeed a bitch. Just part of the job though. I think I've cashed in on my store of bad karma, for the time being... good times ahead!

Spectre said...

Just thought I would add a couple of notes:

(1) Preacher actually wound up joining Python Cartel so I don't feel so bad about the stealth bomber thing anymore.

(2) noktamid got what was coming to him. Karma is a bitch you dirty bastard: http://python.griefwatch.net/?p=details&kill=3792