Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sad Pirate Fundraising (Conclusion!)

Number of Donations: 18
Smallest Donation: 0.10 ISK
Largest Donation: 100,000,000 ISK
Total Amount Raised: 311,177,354.30 ISK

That is the final total! In a mere five days, we raised over 300 million ISK for the sad pirates. Do you know what this means?

No longer are we sad pirates. Now we are happy and joyous! Our hangar is full of fun toys and our wallet is stuffed with shiny gold coins. You should all be proud for you have done a great deed and you will forever be remembered for it:

Bronze Eye-Patch Members (0.01 to 1,000,000 ISK Donated):
Stratx Devayne, Melninck, Gabriel DiCozza, Merria Brown, EKR XD, Zangert, Drixion

Silver Parrot Members (1,000,001 to 5,000,000 ISK Donated):
Nik Fiur, Kachak, Phantom RaspberryBlower, Htrag

Golden Rapier Members (5,000,001 to 30,000,000 ISK Donated):
Bf0ster, Atheist Peace, Apoctasy, Mynxee

...and our three prize winners for the fabulous prizes are:

3rd Place:
40,000,000 ISK Donation - Omae Gaw'd

2nd Place:
50,000,000 ISK Donation - Gunner Cid

1st Place:
100,000,000 ISK Donation - Avaricha Halo

Congratulations to the winners! Please contact me in game or in the blog comments section below so that we can discuss your prizes and how I can give you exactly what you want and deserve. Thank you to everyone who participated in this historic and phenominal success!


Omae Gaw'D said...

Haha great stuff, that pic is awesome xD
Back to business now, and I'll contact you for my Eve-Haiku \o/

Mynxee said...


May I say your combat tactics are brilliant? Especially the pre-combat ones. If we ever have the pleasure of an engagement, I'll be laughing so hard from imagining you brandishing a feather as you strike a jaunty pose in your pod that I am sure to lose!

Cid said...

haha grats man, now you can fit those thorax I contracted ya, I am curious what ship names you're gonna use

Spectre said...

OMG: My poetry skills will blow your mind.

Mynx: The sad/happy pirate pictures I found the past couple of days have been fantastic. I love Google image search.

Cid: I didn't even notice that contract until I just read your comment now. Stupid game didn't blink the contract window at me. Thanks a bunch. What do you want them to be named? :)

Htrag said...

woohoo I'm a SILVER PARROT!

Lars Lodar said...

Great Job Spec!

Glad to see that you can actually fly some ships now. Was worried once you gave everything up.

That's great how OMG and Cid donated so much. I'll make sure to thank them when I see them in space.

EKR XD said...

woo!, bronze eye-patch. a real bargain for a tenth of an isk.