Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sad Pirate Fundraising (Day 2)

The first 24 hours of the fundraiser have passed and we have raised a little over 200 million ISK so far. The current leaders for the fabulous prizes are:

1st Place: Avaricha Halo
Donation Amount: 100,000,000 ISK

2nd Place: Mynxee
Donation Amount: 30,000,000 ISK

3rd Place: Bfoster
Donation Amount: 26,500,000 ISK

We humbly thank you all for your efforts towards this good cause but remember that the drive has just begun. These three good samaritans in the lead are begging for you to out-do them! Let us continue to donate until every sad pirate has turned their frown upside down. Only six days left!

Look at that happy pirate smile!


Mynxee said...

DAMN that Avaricha! Forcing me to contemplate paying forward approximately 1/6th the ISK value of gifts that I myself have received from other players.

Guess I'll just have watch how things unfold in the next few days and possibly snipe first place at the very end!

Next time you do some crazy stunt like this, you ought to use the contracts feature...Have three auction contracts for something really lame (1 unit of ammo, perhaps?), name them accordingly, and start a bidding war for first, second and third place! It would be fun seeing how that played out and everyone could watch the numbers increase! could just sell your dark, dark heart and wicked soul on eBay :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe how well you're doing! Keep up the good work donors. At the right I'm losing ships I might have to try this too, although I don't think I have as many fans as you.

Lanissum said...

No pictures, no believers.

I need to try something like this X_X

Havohej said...

lol more than I'd've expected. If I had anything to spare, I'd throw some ISK on the pile, but with the territory struggle I've gotten myself into, I'm finding myself needing every bit :P

Good luck!

Lars Lodar said...

Damn that is some fat iskies.

You already have a nice little nest egg to fund your future endevours after giving away all your worldly possessions.

Good luck mate.

Merria brown said...

now if only i had a 5month old blog that people payed 100million isk for a small chance of getting a post on it then maybe i could affored my battlecursier

Avaricha Halo said...

I'm such a good samaritan. :D