Tuesday, October 28, 2008


What is "ASDFJKL"? It is the resulting string of letters generated when I slam my hands down on my keyboard in frustration. Not to be confused with "KKLNHKLG" which is the phrase generated by slamming my head in a slightly more severe display of anger:

But let's not be too restrictive as "ASDFJKL" is not simply a phrase or a word or a bunch of characters but an idea, an emotion. It is the emotion evoked when a gang of battleships arrives right on the gate as I jump through and I lose my freshly fit Brutix without even getting into a single real fight with it. It is the feeling I get when people turn tail and run even when they have a huge tactical advantage and all I want is a fight and some fun. It is the way I feel when I suicide my Thorax into an obviously baiting Hurricane in Amamake just so that I can get a tiny bit of an adreneline rush before docking up for the night.

Every time I have undocked my ship the past few days I have experienced at least one "ASDFJKL" moment. The new region we live in is very difficult to compete in while flying smaller ships or while flying solo. I don't think that I have ever had less fun with Eve than I have the past couple of weeks and it appears that I am not alone. My corporation that I love has taken a serious hit as several members left and several more have become fairly inactive. Myself and a small group of pilots from within the Python Cartel have decided that we will be leaving in order to persue a more active corporation where we will not be constantly outnumbered and having to try so hard to scrape up a gang. It pains me to say this as PC has been so fantastic since the day I joined but when game is no longer fun, you know you have to change something.

Is anyone interested in up to five active pilots who can fly all sorts of ships and love lowsec piracy? We are currently available...


Mynxee said...

Are any of you girls? For the ones that aren't, can you get a sex change operation right quick? Cuz if so, I know a fun corp.... heh heh.

Seriously, sad for PC that you plan to depart, but surely new adventures await you in whatever corp you join. It's odd you posted this as I meant to ask you last night in the Hellchat (mmmm, warm tomatoes!) if you were planning to stay in the area you had moved to, as you'd expressed your discontent with it previously.

Oh gawd. I have those ASDFJKL moments all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, first time poster, long time reader...

You might check out Badwolf Inc. Growing Pirate/0.0 corp. We operate out of Uphallant/Stacmon area in Lowsec and have a base in 0.0 for ratting 0.0 gangs.

Great bunch of guys and we all enjoy blowing shit up. If interested contact "Viod Hawk" or "Yap Yup".

Cheers and good luck finding what you need. I enjoy the hell out of your blogs.

--Take Enemy

Anonymous said...

^^That is "BAD WOLF INC." I fail spelling today...

Dj Akula said...

Great I join PC because of your blog and you leave 3 days later?

Can you make that six players? ;)

Black Claw said...

Ships are just ammo in the constant fight against other pilots. When you think about it like that, it changes things. Every time you fire your guns, you lose ammo. Every time you go into combat, expect to lose your ship. It's just ammo.

When you expect to lose it as soon as you jump into it and undock, you will not be disappointed when it happens. And you'll be pleasantly surprised when it doesn't.

It doesn't matter that you lose a ship. What matters is how you go down. Never surrender, always fight, and you'll be happy with your efforts.

Dexter Tripod said...

Hey Spec, sad to hear about PC...it was my first and only corp...so far. Kinda glad I missed the big move though. If you find room for another expatriot, I'm still hanging around training up more skeels. ;)

Drixion said...

Dunno if you guys would think about it, but my corps open. Message me if your interested and I'll let you know what we're about. Little bit more to offer than than may appear.

Lars Lodar said...

I'm in the exact same boat to an even worse degree.

None of the very few pirates in my corp are active and I can spend 2 hours flying around without a single slice of action.

And when I do find action I'm usually ganked within seconds.

You find a nice spot, drop me a line.

San Rintu said...

To Be Honest Spectre. There is only one legitimate destination for you and you know it.

We need another blogger in our ranks!

Xephys said...

If you wanted, I'm sure I could get you places at DTS.


Plenty to kill and not far away from where you are now, we're allied with another much bigger pirate corp so there are many fleet ops going on. Send me a message ingame to Xephys if you're interested.

Cpt. Infidel said...

hey spectre,

yes i left PC too reluctantly in the end and joined a 00 corp.

I looked for new pirate corps and there wasnt much going. If you find a new corp or end up starting a new corp with others from PC i will happily follow you into battle. to be quite honest i ended up joining pc after reading your blog for some months.

I'm not sure 0.0 is for me, yea its cool to logon and gain some easy isk but the adrenaline isnt the same as lowsec piracy. My brother SiTodd i'm sure would be up for following you too, havnt spoke to him in ages though.

Anyway mate, please do keep me or other former ex-PCs informed of your decision.


Spectre said...

Black Claw: I totally agree. I think that is why I am a bit annoyed recently is because of the lack of chances to expend my ammo and the fact that when I do go down, it isn't so much a fight as a butt-raping. I don't mind fighting against tough odds but it is still difficult not to be disappointed when you spend hours roaming and finding nothing and then just getting ganked by a gate camp.

Everyone: I really appreciate the responses and offers but I am looking for a corp pretty similar to what PC is/was as well as a level of high activity. I have already applied somewhere and am hoping to be able to get some of those that are still active with PC to follow along with me. People in corp (DJ, Dex, Lars, Infidel, etc) check your eve-mail inbox or hit me up in game if you want more specifics.

Ka Jolo said...

I hope you know you are always welcome to come into the Tuskers. We're active and have plenty of targets in our area. We would love to have more mates of your caliber!